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Even on a Sunday there is a 6am alarm… yes, thats right, 6am alarm on a Sunday morning! a lot of people would think I’m crazy, but being a dedicated Formula 1 fan, I was my alarm an hour before the race starts gives me time to put the kettle on, determined to be up and ready for the F1 Japanese Grand Prix with enough time to make toast and sit down to watch some of the warm up commentary, all whilst keeping an eye on the baby monitor that I had brought down with me so the wife could have a bit of a lie in. I knew what time Olivia was likely to wake up and there’s no point in both me and the wife being up early! The red lights went out, the race was underway, and Olivia somehow picked this as the perfect moment to wake up, although the start of the race was red flagged quite quickly due to heavy rain, so I didn’t have to miss any of the action.

It wasn’t long before Clare was up and took over Olivia duty while I watched the rest of what was turning into an epic battle for Lewis Hamilton in the championship fight. Then, very suddenly just before the end of the race the red flags came out again for Jules Bianchi who had collided with a recovery truck attending a previous accident. He was left in a bad way and the race was ended. All the drivers were in shock and the winners ceremony was a very muted affair. With Jules taken away unconscious in the back of an ambulance, we just wait for further updates on his condition.

With the race over it was then Operation Tidy Up to get the house ready for our friends who were coming for lunch. I also found half an hour to pop to B&Q to get more shelves for the garage. We had a lovely afternoon with our friends and their children, and as were are respective godparents to each other’s children it was lovely to be able to spend some time with the kids and watch them all playing together, even if two of them are only toddlers! Clare had cooked up a wonderful Sunday dinner, although mine was virtually cold by the time I got to it as Olivia had clearly reached and also gone way beyond nap time to the point where she was so upset she couldnt settle and get to sleep at all! It took the best part of an hour to settle her down and get her to sleep. Normally we’d expect her to be good for an hour, maybe an hour and a half nap… you can imagine our surprise when 15 minutes later she’s awake again! Still, those 15 minutes seemed to count and she had enough energy to carry on until bedtime now! Our guests stayed as long as they could before they had to get back, and it was lovely to see them, its just a shame they’re not just a little bit closer to us! After they’d gone we got Olivia off to bed and I was back in the garage to finish assembling our new set of shelves to try and keep the garage a bit more organised and give a few things a proper home. I only had a limited time before I had to call it a day and finish editing the wedding photos I promised my friend I would have uploaded this weekend. It comes as no surprise that I was yet again falling asleep on the blog and so gave up on it and went to bed! Damn those Sunday evenings for being so short!


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