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Often I say that the best way for me to start the weekend is with a Saturday morning run… although I’d just like to point out that I am normally referring to the 6 mile (10km) run I frequently do, not the 9 mile (15km) training run that really stretched me this morning. In hindsight, it wasn’t the best idea to be trying to cover this distance off the back of an indian takeaway, several beers and a late night on the Friday evening. It was also the first run I have done for a great number of months that was in the rain, and it was fairly heavy rain when we actually started running, although thankfully it did start to ease off and virtually disappear by the time we finished, but it did make the first couple of laps of the reservoir feel much longer than they actually were. Running in the rain takes a great deal of commitment and dedication, but once you have made that decision to run and are out in it, and about as wet as you get, you soon forget about it and focus on the distance ahead of you. I am still helping my friend train for her first half marathon in just a few weeks time, and with her lack of running experience I could only run as fast as she could cope with, meaning that the 9 mile run took a bit longer than I thought it was going to, and I was a little bit later home than I’d planned. My pain only prolonged by the nightmare temporary traffic lights situation on the Hagley Rd that has slowed everyone down and created some ridiculous traffic jams. I was aware that I had to get home as quickly as possible as Clare was waiting to take the car off me to make her opticians appointment. Once the appointment and Olivias lunch were out of the way, we were off to visit my mother, to spend a few hours there, as we hadn’t seen her for a couple of weeks. One of my sisters came over to meet us at my moms house while we were there, although most likely so she could see Olivia for a few hours more than us, but who could blame her!

As was inevitable, Olivia kept going and going, happy and playing, being the centre of atention until she reached the edge of the cliff and suddenly ran out of energy. She doesn’t wear down like we do, she literally stops like a car thats run out of petrol. It was too soon for us to go home, so I took her upstairs to rock her to sleep which was a fairly guaranteed way to get her to sleep. Although she only had a 30 minute nap in my arms, it was enough for her to keep going a bit longer.


Once we were home, it was bath, bottle and bed for the little lady, so that mommy and daddy could have some dinner and a few drinks in front of a film together. I’d recently purchased a Danny Boyle Blu Ray boxset from Amazon and opted to introduce Clare to 28 Days Later, although she was less than impressed with it, and it was clear my choice was poor. Still, sometimes you have to take a chance. For me, its one of those films that you have to see, but next time I may have to try a bit harder, clearly ours taste in films is quite different and only crosses over on a few movies, this not being one of them. Its safe to say that my wife is a typical girl and her choice in films is appropriately matched, as in the likes of comedies and rom coms will lead the way. We did go through a phase where we basically gave up on Clare choosing the films as we’d cuddle up together, and inevitably she’d end asleep on me five minutes into it meaning that I was essentially trapped, with a girly rom com on that I’d compromised on, and could not get up and change while she was fast asleep on me! These days, especially now we have a little one to get up for in the mornings, Clare generally doesn’t even bother to stay up that late now and will often leave me to watch my own choice of film while she gets an early night. Its not very rock and roll, but thats life when you have a child, and I wouldn’t change it for the world!


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