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The weekend draws ever closer, and I feel like I’m looking forward to this one more than usual. I did get a better nights sleep last night, although I wasn’t in bed quite as early as I wanted, due to the little person in the next room waking up just before midnight for no apparent reason! Thankfully, there was no obvious reason for waking up and so she was soon back off to sleep, and I could finish getting ready for bed, after remembering to set up the bread maker at the last minute so that we could have nice fresh bread in the morning. You really can’t beat the smell of fresh bread in the morning, it makes the most amazing toast, and the sandwiches it makes taste a hundred times better! Plus I know how much better it is for us, having just the basic ingredients, instead of all the rubbish that the supermarket bread has added to it.

Tonight we have the in-laws coming over for dinner. Our little way of thanking them for all they do, as they have helped us so much over not just the last 18 months with the house and Olivia, but even before that with the wedding and the honeymoon. In reality, a dinner seems rather pale and insignificant compared with how grateful we actually are! I’d rather be packing them off on a weekend away, but a) we can’t really afford to and b) I don’t think they take it even if we did offer it!

Before the in-laws came round I had the pleasure of cycling home so I could go and pick Olivia up from nursery, it is quite literally the best part of my day. That smiling little face when she realises who it is that has walked into the room, and seeing her playing with the toys and other children and looking so grown up! Each day the staff give us a little diary of what she has eaten and what she has been up to, and it’s lovely to read! She really enjoys it so much there, and the staff are always so friendly and happy, we really did get very lucky with having such a great nursery so close to home! The benefits are already becoming apparent, even after her only being there for a month. She may have brought home a few colds, but there’s nothing wrong with that, it’ll help build her immune system up. It is still worth it, even if it is costing us a bit, to have her benefit from these surroundings, and the activities that they do. I just wish I could be a fly on the wall for a day and watch her interacting!

Just one more day before the weekend!


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