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011014Wow! To think the 100 day countdown to the end of this years photo blog is already under way! I don’t think on this basis, that I need to be wishing any time away, but man is it starting to feel like a long week! I am quite in the mood for a Friday night beer, and yet it’s only Wednesday, although I can’t promise that the fact it’s only Wednesday is going to be enough to stop me anyway! Apparently there are a few that it will stop though, I see Macmillan have launched their Sober for October campaign to raise money by people saving the money they would have spent on wine and beer and donating that to charity. It looks like my regular drinking buddy has been signed up to it by his wife as well (she’s also doing it!) although I am not 100% confident he’ll reach the end of the month as he REALLY likes his nights out at the pub! He has all the right motivation though as they have a little boy with cystic fibrosis, which will be their charity of choice at the end of the month. Bit of a shame for me really, I was quite looking forward to a beer at the weekend after my detox session! Still, great excuse for takeaway and movie night in with the wife… well, that is if she can stay awake long enough to watch the entire movie!

So yes, it may be Wednesday, but as the photo for today clearly demonstrates, I have decided to treat myself to a beer! Don’t worry, I’m not drinking all of them tonight, the rest are for Friday! I have come to the conclusion that maybe I am actually only human after all, and as much as I like to keep myself busy, fill my time productively and avoid most of the reality vote-me-off rubbish on tv, there can come as time, as there has now, where I realise that maybe I have just taken on a little bit too much for myself. Mentally I am near exhaustion, and while there is nothing that a good holiday wouldn’t fix, sadly a holiday seems like a bit of a distant dream at the moment. So it is time to slow down and take a bit of time for myself, read a book, spend some more time with the family, and generally unwind a bit. I decided to treat myself tonight to a midweek beer, not that I am condoning that drinking is the answer to any of lifes problems of course, I just want to unwind and relax a little before bed time. Sleep is important and something I need more of, and I am sure the wife would rather I came to bed sooner instead of when she is asleep, although that isn’t always easy as she certainly loves her sleep! So just for tonight, I am enjoying a nice ale, no gassy lager for me, I am trying something a bit different. I have had a few ales in the past and I can’t deny that they are starting to grow on me! Yeah, maybe its an age thing, or maybe I have just learned not to follow blindly what everyone else drinks and actually dare to be a bit different. When you become a lager drinker you are limited to a handful of mainstream lagers, but as soon as you step into the world of ale, you are presented with literally hundreds, if not thousands of different beers! I even signed up with a new app on my iPhone today, whilst listening to my favourite internet radio show, Lunatic Radio (www.lunaticradio.com) one of the presenters, Adam, has spoke numerous times about an app called Untappd (yes, without the e) which is essentially social media for beer drinkers, and on the last show they even interviewed one of the co-founders of the app, who was a real genuine down to earth guy, and created it just for a bit of fun and never expected any one other than his friends to notice it, let alone for following of hundreds of thousands of users around the globe that it has attracted! You know what, I’ll try it, its a bit of fun, I just “check in” a new ale when I try it and could even find interesting recommendations out of it!

Anyway, bed time beckons, and I need some sleep!


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