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There seems to be some sort of time and space inconsistency regarding half term, it feels like it has taken forever for this week to get here, yet almost as soon as its started, its pretty much over again! Thursday already, how did THAT happen? Thursday is one of Olivia's nursery days, and with both… Continue reading 303.365

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A lovely family day, and with the weather outside looking grey and miserable, it was nice to just have a day at home with my two favourite ladies. We were supposed to have a friend visit us for lunch, although they had to cancel at the last minute, and so left us without any plans.… Continue reading 302.365

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A slightly emotional start to Tuesday. With Clare getting ready for work it was down to me to get Olivia ready and off to nursery, although we all left the house at the same time and walked together as Clare headed to the bus stop. It was a nice way to start the day leaving… Continue reading 301.365

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Monday morning is so much nicer when you don't have to go to work, although as usual there was no rest, no lie in, the biological alarm clock sleeping in the next room made sure of that! Yes, little Olivia was up and looking for some attention, only today it was for a different reason.… Continue reading 300.365

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No sleeping in this weekend, not even with an extra hour in bed as the clocks go back marking the end of British Summer Time. My alarm was set early, but that didn't stop me from waking up early, as I was due to head out and collect my final christmas present from last year.… Continue reading 299.365

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The weekend starts again with more running. After we'd recovered from last weekends half marathon, I wanted to make sure that I didn't take a break from the running. The company behind some of the biggest running events, Great Run, have organised a new 10k run for Birmingham next year, in addition to their half… Continue reading 298.365

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The long awaited final day of term, a weeks holiday is upon us finally, but what a strange way to end the week. All the staff were called into a meeting at lunchtime, a rare occasion as its so disruptive to the kids lunchtime, we usually have any important meetings straight after work, so I… Continue reading 297.365



Happy Diwali everyone! Yes I like to make sure all of my audience is welcomed, even if it is actually only small, and possibly limited to the wife and my sister! I am feeling much more positive today, even though it was a late night last night that I really didn't need, I have still… Continue reading 296.365

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There are few things that can make me smile and raise my spirits quite like this little lady can, she's like a magic elixir for all of lifes little problems, and she just seems to get more adorable by the day! When I got married there was only one lady in my life, my number… Continue reading 295.365

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The storm has arrived today, as predicted, and boy am I glad I'd decided to take the car this morning, very unsafe weather for cycling in today. With a lack of cycling lanes on my route in and out of work, there is ample opportunity to get blown off my bike by a strong gust,… Continue reading 294.365