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I feel like a record that’s stuck lately (something the kids won’t understand!) and although I may be repeating myself, I really need to start getting to bed earlier. I’m my own worst enemy sometimes! I should have bags of energy at the moment, but I continually find myself feeling tired, and that’s only really from going to bed too late! It certainly doesn’t help my inclination in the morning to get out of bed, let alone to jump on the bike when it’s time to go to work, although the recent traffic problems that have been happening very close to home have reassured me that taking the car would be a really bad idea! For example, the very busy major traffic light junction close to our house where the lights are frequently out several times a week, pretty much every week! It causes absolute carnage when they aren’t working, as it often seems to occur during the morning or evening rush hour! Recently some bright spark decided that the way forward would be to put in temporary traffic lights, perhaps not such a bad idea and one which would have worked fine had they not been four way control lights, meaning as opposed to traffic flowing in two opposite directions while the cross traffic waits, like normal traffic lights, only one direction at a time gets to go. This has caused absolute mayhem, and I am so glad to be whizzing down the middle of it on two wheels! I can’t understand how it has happened more than just a couple of times, let alone on such a regular basis! It has literally been going on for months, and cycling across that junction when no one wants to wait and thinks that everyone else should move for them, can be pretty scary on a bike! Thankfully the useless temporary traffic lights they have put in place that are causing more traffic problems than any single road accident I’ve seen are only going to be there for four weeks! Its like we’ll barely even notice!

Thankfully, the introduction of these ridiculous lights means that I can at least make it safely across the junction now, and back again at the end of the day. I was a little later home then usual, only a few minutes, but when you have a limited time with your daughter, as I do on a Tuesday with my jujitsu class forcing me to leave the house before she’s even in bed… well, those few minutes count. Sadly she’d not long been asleep when I turned up to collect her from nursery, and being picked up again and woken up only upset her, she was so tired after such a small nap this morning. Its not often we see her cry, and it was a sad sight, but she loves being outdoors, and within a few seconds of collecting her bag and buggy and leaving the building she was happy again and looking at all the scenery around her. We’d only been home a moment before my phone rang and the wife was stuck in traffic yet again thanks to the useless lights at the junction, so Olivia and me jumped in the car and set off to collect her. Olivias tired and grumpy mood had completely gone by now and back at home with mommy, she was happier than ever. I snapped todays picture as they both grabbed a single biscuit between their teeth to see who could win. Clare lost, Olivia bit her! I tried to hide my laughing, although not very successfully I might add!

One other significant event I managed to get organised this week was our antenatal meet up for christmas. I know that to some of you it may seem a little far off, and perhaps too early for most people, but facts need to be faced, we literally only have about 11 weeks until christmas, and now only 3 paydays too! That means that if we don’t want all our presents coming out of just one payday, then we need to be either saving money or start buying presents now. Either way, many bars have probably already booked out their tables for xmas meals, so it was pretty important that we didn’t leave things any longer. The problem with a large group like ours, of 14 adults is that it needs someone to make a decision and take some action towards making things happen, that someone happened to be me.

*I threw a date out on the email, everyone seemed happy with that date – part 1 complete.

*I threw a venue out there on the email. Everyone seemed happy to try it – brilliant! Part 2 complete

*I phoned the bar to make sure we all had seats, and the plan was good.

Antenatal xmas meal booked! Yayy! Go me!! Its looking like all seven couples will be there too, with just the faint possibility that one might have to possibly miss out again due to her shift patterns. On top of the suggestion of a trip to the German Market, this Christmas is looking like its going to be one hell of a festive period, I just hope little legs doesn’t eventually pull Christmas tree down on her when we finally put it up.


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