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In this era of immense materialism, it has become very easy for us to obsess a little, maybe a little too much, about what we have or haven’t got and what we want. I know Clare and myself may not be rich, but we are still in a very fortunate situation, there’s no denying that! Both of us working, with a happy healthy daughter, helpful in-laws around the corner, our own home on a peaceful road and a fantastic nursery just a short walk away. In fact only today, I returned home from work and found that the father in law had been in put up our new kitchen lights that we only bought at the weekend. Impressive! We’ve been waiting over a year so far to replace the bare bulbs hanging from power cables on the ceiling, but as with so many things, life tends to get in the way, and they have just been forgotten about. Ironically, after browsing online and spending time weighing up the pros and cons of various lights at B&Q we ended up choosing the lights we’d first looked at all those months ago when we were first in the house and still doing it up, and then promptly forgot about. The kitchen is now so different from when we actually purchased the house, we could never have lived in it at that point. We’ve come a massive way since then and couldn’t have done it without the help of the father in law who has turned his talented hands to so many tasks, we are so grateful for his help, and also for the mother in law for all her support in so many different ways.

This evening I went to visit an old school friend, a girl I haven’t seen for numerous years (at this stage I don’t like to count them anymore!) to tell her about my business and how she can build her own. She’s in a perfect position to really benefit from it, and seemed keen so hopefully she’ll take it up. From speaking to her she has had a really rough ride in recent years for one reason or another, and although she is determined to win and not let it get her down, it made me appreciate all that I had a little more. I’d like to be able to support her if she takes up the business and help her turn her luck around! Talking to her, I realised we both had similar goals, and no matter what journey our separate lives had taken us on, we had both got to a point where it is all about our children now. Everything we do is for them and their future. I must admit, maybe I’m getting lazy as I get older, but all I want to do lately is stay at home and spend time with the family, which is lovely in the short term, but doesn’t really do much in the long term.


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