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It has been a weekend of changed, cancelled and postponed plans, and a need to be understanding and flexible. I can cope with that, especially as the practical upshot of it is that I get more time to spend with the family, which is always a good thing! It was the same early start that I have become well accustomed to in the last year, long gone are the days when weekends meant I didn’t get out of bed until midday, now I am calling 8:30am a bit of a lie in. It hadn’t been a particularly early night, especially as Olivia had been up twice before I had even made it to bed last night. Her teething is in full flow and so is her nose, running like the Nile! She was so blocked up last night, its no wonder she woke up a couple of times. Thankfully she eventually settled after a dose of calpol, a clean nappy, nose drops, a vapour plug-in and some cuddles! Never the less, I was up by 8:30am and the day had begun, even if it was a slow start. Clare was out of bread and had added some wholemeal flour to the shopping delivery, and so we decided to put the bread maker to the test and see how wholemeal bread came out. It was a 5 hour programme, so I’d have to wait until later to find out. I’d agreed to photograph the christening of my friends daughter today, and after such a slow morning I was starting to run behind schedule, although thankfully the church was only 20 minutes away, and so after a quick shower I was soon in the car and on my way. It was a beautiful church, and as usual I made my way down to find the vicar, and turned on all the charm and politeness I could muster up, although I frequently find it is often wasted on vicars and registrars, they have their way, and they will not change it for anyone. It just so happened this one didn’t like photographers much. I do find it very frustrating when people pay me to capture their memories and then I am denied from doing so by someone who insists that the best memories are “all in the head and the heart!”… really?! So why are people paying people like me to capture this stuff then? I am pretty sure that no matter how clever someone thinks they are, the details of their christening day will be long forgotten by the time they are 50 and trying to recall it to their children. Oh by the way, the girl in question happened to be 8 years old, as you can see from todays photo, so yes she will be remembering it… well, for a while anyway. I just don’t see why a vicar can’t leave me to be discreet and snap a few photos from the service for the family to remember for decades to come and pass down to their grandchildren. I am not trying to intrude on the service for my own benefit, I am creating memories. It’ll be a few clicks of the camera that no-one will even notice anyway, its not like I am running around the church naked, whilst singing “the hills are alive with the sound of music” and throwing pink neon paint all over the congregation!! Memories, that’s all I am trying to create. To me they are so important, and obviously also for anyone who has ever decided to part with cash to pay me to capture them on their behalf! I know vicars have a job to do, but so do I, and I have the skills to make sure you don’t even notice me doing mine!

I managed to get some nice shots outside the church and with everyone happy I left to head for home when I was done. Clare was eager to head out and buy some new kitchen lights, and to be honest we really had already left it long enough, so we were soon back in the car and off to the shop to disagree on a wide variety of lights until we eventually found one we could both agree on. Ironically, it happened to be the set we’d looked at about 9 months ago and had never got around to buying! Oh well, the job was done, now all we had to do was hope that my amazingly talented father in law had the time to fit them this week. I am hugely grateful for the money he has saved us in having things fitted, and also in awe of the number of things he can turn his hand to. I am pretty sure that fitting the lights will a fairly small job for him, whereas for me it would most likely be an ordeal where I end up electrocuting myself, short fusing the house and pulling plaster off the ceiling!!

With the lights purchased the only other priority for my afternoon was eating, and although we had a meal ready to cook, I decided we should head out for a bite to eat at our favourite pub restaurant. I am still on my Clean 9 detox, and trying to look after myself, but I knew that the pub had a bunch of 600 calorie meals on the menu, so it should be no concern. I soon found out when we got there and sat down that they had only gone and changed the menu, so now I was just left to pick the thing that was least likely to have been fried! I have to be honest, it wasn’t the best meal we’ve ever had there, and this is the second of our favourite places to eat to have let us down this year. It wasn’t awful, but we were used to amazing food there, and this was a long way from amazing, on top of which we had to wait far longer for our food to turn up than we’ve ever waited before, even though half the tables were empty, normally we’ve only waited about 20 minutes at the most, even on a busy day. Still, it meant no cooking and no washing up, but we were bordering on a hysterical toddler who was getting more and more tired and didn’t want any of the food we’d brought with us for her.

It has been a lovely weekend overall, and I’m just sad that Monday morning is almost upon us again so quickly. The bonus of having a baby is that you spend less time in bed at the weekend and more hours up and about and appreciating all 48 hours of freedom and all that you have around you.


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