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I have said before, and still say, there is no better way to start the weekend than with a good run around the reservoir, and as I am still helping my friend train for her first half marathon, now just a few weeks away, that is exactly where I was this morning! My usual run is a modest 6 miles, but with the half marathon in mind we are starting to push the distance a bit now, up to 7.5 miles, especially as I haven’t yet decided on whether I am going to sign up for it myself yet. My fifth half marathon, should I or shouldn’t I? I found it tough last year, even though I think that it was mostly down to having a bit of an off-day, probably combined with the fact I hadn’t done quite enough training. It was my fourth half marathon and I should have beat my previous time easily, but I struggled, and was struggling before I’d even hit the halfway point. Its made me realise the real importance of training and that actually I am not as invincible as I sometimes think I am! I am seriously tempted though, I guess I’ll just see how next weeks 9 mile saturday morning run goes and see if there are any places left to sign up for.

After getting home from my morning run, the next best thing was a nice hot shower, it really can’t be beaten, especially after a long run or bike ride, and especially on a cold morning. I wouldn’t have described this morning as cold, the sun did eventually try and come out to warm the day up a little. I’d been keeping an eye on the 15 day weather forecast and knew we were in with a good chance of a dry day that was likely to be warm enough, so I had planned to go for a little drive with Clare and Olivia. The plan was to head out to a lovely little town along the river Severn called Bridgnorth. As always, our day was based around Olivia’s naps, and we couldn’t head out until she had woken up from her morning nap and had some lunch. Although with her being in the midst of teething, she was not especially interested in food, which made lunch a much shorter process. She has also become especially independent, and sometimes won’t eat simply because you are trying to feed her, and will often eat the same food without issue if we leave her to feed herself. It provides a new challenge around meal times, as we now have to consider cooking foods that she can easily pick up without redecorating the walls with it.

We finally got in the car and set off on our way. The drive to Bridgnorth isn’t a short one, but it takes in a lot of countryside and is a very pleasant journey all the same. Once we’d finally got there the parking was a nightmare to say the least, we seemed to have arrived on what looked like the busiest day of the year, or at least felt like it. We managed to find a space and took a stroll around the town, ending up at a Costa to grab a quick drink and a bite to eat.
One thing you can’t come to Bridgnorth and say that you didn’t end up doing, is the cliff railway. The town is essentially split into the upper town and the lower town with a venicular train taking people up and down for a very reasonable fee. So we hopped in and took ourselves down for a short walk by the river.
Sadly yet again our day was dictated by Olivia’s need for naps, and with it getting well into the napping hour, we had to consider heading for home as this little princess has decided that she’s no longer interested in sleeping in her buggy. We knew she’d at least sleep in the car though, and thats exactly what she did on the drive home.

We finished the evening off with a delicious mexican dinner, and sat down to watch a recording of the latest Derren Brown show, Infamous which yet again did not fail to impress us both! We’ve already seen one live show for my birthday, thanks to the wife, and I’d love to go and see his next show if we got the chance!


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