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Well, Wednesday is a brand new day, and last nights grumpiness has gone. Today is day 3 of my Clean 9 programme and I will be rewarded with extra shakes and food to keep me motivated, but first thing this morning was my day 3 weigh-in… and I was thrilled to find out that my hard work means I have lost an impressive 5.5lb since I first weighed myself on Monday morning!! That’s not bad going, and it’s just the start. If I can stay focused I’m hoping to get close to the 10lb I lost the last time I did it. I wasn’t well the last time either, as I picked up a virus and slacked off on the exercise. This time, if I keep the exercise up, I can hopefully at least do as well as the last time, if not better! One thing I was very much looking forward to was this evenings meal, and as much as I’d earned this after two days on Clean 9, I was also looking forward to sitting down with the wife, at the table and catching up on our day. I love sitting at the table, especially as it’s a luxury we didn’t really have in the flat, and it was something I always used to do as a child. It’s so much nicer to face each other, put our phones down and talk, rather than face the TV and be commenting on whatever rubbish we’ve ended up watching as we eat. One of the things that most excited me (of which there were numerous when moving from a flat!) was actually having a dinner table, and not just that, but one that was big enough to have plenty of people around. I do love to have people over for dinner, and that’s something we just haven’t done enough of, and something I intend to do something about over the next few months!

My plans for this evening had been completely turned upside down as everyone I was supposed to be seeing had called in sick, and so with an empty schedule the one thing I really had to focus on now was finishing the wedding photos I was currently editing. It’s a slow process, and there aren’t any shortcuts as each photos needs some amount of attention, even if it is just a minor tweak here and there. Things have been so busy lately that this process has really been held up, and I am just very grateful my friends have been very patient about it. Luckily I got one batch finished and so could make it out for an hour to visit my friends, as has become a Wednesday tradition, a chance to catch up on the previous weekends activities. This is something that has gone on now for over 10 years, and although we don’t all make every week, it is nice, even if only for an hour, to go have catch up with my good friends on such a regular basis.

I picked this photo for today, as I am now quite keen to be focusing on the growth of my daughter, every day seems to bring new changes. When she was a newborn, the changes seemed very slow and were hard to spot for weeks at a time, in fact, only in reviewing the photos over several months can we really see the changes, but now those changes seem to have accelerated and our little baby is gone, now replaced with a full-on toddler who is rapidly becoming a little girl. I did originally have the idea to create a 365 project of Olivia from day one, although this didn’t quite work out, and although it’s not entirely about her at the moment, she is the biggest part of my life, and the focus of so many of my photos now! In today’s photo we had gone out for an early evening walk to meet mommy from the bus, and I thought we’d grab a quick father and daughter selfie!


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