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So the long awaited stag weekend is over, we’re home and feeling a little more fragile than we were yesterday morning, but what a great time we had! The antics ended in the early hours of the morning, and it is fair to say that we all loved Cardiff, what a fantastic city! We had a brilliant night out, I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to go back! I even did my good deed for the day right before I crashed out along with all the others. I’d popped out from the hotel to grab a late night kebab as I had decided I wanted to eat before bed, not uncommon after a few beers, and on my way back I noticed a group of three guys sleeping rough in a doorway. One of the guys saw me and sat up, I asked him if he wanted some food, he was thankful but indicated he already had some, so I asked if he wanted a drink, and he seemed grateful I’d asked. He hadn’t asked for anything and wasn’t begging, it was my choice to offer. I asked where they were from and it turned out that two were from Poland and one from Latvia, obviously they’d come here to make a better life and things just hadn’t worked out for them so far. Such a shame, I mean who wouldn’t want to do all they could to try and make things better for their family? Actually being a father makes me appreciate how important family is, and what you’d be prepared to do for them. I headed straight back to the chip shop and bought a bag full of soft drinks for them and left them with the drink and the few pounds I had left in my pocket at the end of the night. It was a small gesture and I could have easily spent that money on a couple of shots and not missed it, so it was no issue for me. He was so thankful and I was happy to not only have helped a bit, but hopefully also restored a bit of faith in humanity in him! I walked back to the hotel to collapse with a warm feeling inside.

This morning I wasn’t feeling quite so chirpy, my stomach was like a washing machine and I was seriously lacking sleep, but we grabbed a quick breakfast as it was included in the room. I managed half a bowl of cereal, that was it. We grabbed our bags, checked out and dropped the bags in the minibus as the parking was still good until 5pm, and then set out for a walk around Cardiff. We were heading for a coffee shop to get a proper bite to eat, as the hotel one was continental, and not quite the full on meat feast english breakfast that 10 hungover men were requiring. After a scenic tour of Cardiff, it was getting close to midday, so what we ended up having was more of a civilised brunch. It was a beautiful quirky little coffee shop, totally unique. Everyone loved it, none of the chain rubbish that you see around most city centres! After this we were all back on the bus and heading home. I was worried about how I’d feel behind the wheel the morning after, but I was feeling fine. A good walk with some fresh air, a few cups of tea and a bite to eat had worked wonders! I was feeling bright and alert on the drive home, and quite enjoyed the drive! Once I had dropped everyone off, it was over to the in-laws where I knew the wife would be with Olivia, and then it was time for home so I could sit down and catch up on the Singapore Grand Prix thanks to the magic of Sky+.

Todays photo I took while out on our walk around Cardiff, I had noticed to graffiti art on a wall and wanted to capture it, but my friend Scott, who organised this weekends events, was in the way. He was about to move when I saw a great portrait opportunity, and captured it on my iPhone as that was the only camera I had on me, I was particularly pleased with how it came out!

This weekend may not have been as crazy as the week in Magaluf for Scott’s stag do, or my long weekend stag do in Amsterdam, but it’s still great to get together with such a great bunch of guys, even if the events themselves seem to get shorter and the recovery process gets longer!

Now it is time for an early night, at least tomorrow morning I can relax a bit and drive the minibus back to into work as I don’t have to cycle until the afternoon when I come home!

Hope everyone else had a great weekend!


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