The final day of the week, Friday at last, and for a friend of mine, the final day of the countdown to his stag weekend, as tomorrow we head off to Cardiff! I cycled in to work this morning, giving it all I’d got, not too concerned as to how tired my legs were going to be at the end of it as I knew I would be leaving my bike there for the weekend and taking one of the minibuses home. It made a nice change at the end of the day, to be able to just jump behind the wheel and put my foot down instead of the usual struggling up the hills and arriving home a sweaty mess!

Todays post is short as it is getting late and I have spent a while now trying to burn a selection of songs from itunes onto cds for us to listen to in the bus, and I am starting to get tired! I did manage to get the bread maker on as I promised the wife I would, so we will at least wake up to the smell of fresh bread, which makes some amazing toast! I almost can’t wait!

I was having a little play this afternoon with my camera and trying to get the flash involved. There is a bad way to use flash, and many, many simple good ways. As soon as you learn this fact, you never do the bad way again, and that is pointing the flash directly at who you’re photographing. There is always an exception to this rule, as there are always exceptions to rules in photography, but generally direct flash is considered a bad idea for most of the time. So I wanted to make the most of our white ceiling and bounce the flash off it to create a more natural lighting effect. I know everyone reading this has seen an awful lot of Olivia photos recently, but firstly, time is a limited resource at the moment, and not a luxury I seem to have much of, and secondly, well… my little girl is changing so much! Pretty much each day Clare and myself are saying to each other about how much she looks like she has changed in recent days! I took todays quick snap while she was sat watching the tv, which she loves! I will miss her tomorrow, but we’ve had some lovely cuddles this evening!


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