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180914With the week drawing to a close, my energy levels have hit empty. It’s amazing how a couple of nights of disrupted sleep can affect you. I did even managed to sleep through last night, thanks to the wife getting up and trying not to wake me when Olivia woke up, which I was very grateful for. It has helped a bit, but I’m still exhausted and need a couple of good nights sleep to catch up a bit. I really don’t want to be heading into this weekends stag do, being the only person ready to tap out at 10:30pm! Its going to be a great weekend though, and I am very much looking forward to it, although I will of course miss the wife and daughter very much. It won’t be the first night away since Olivia was born, as I had some out of town training just before Christmas last year, but it is only for one night and there really is no better feeling than coming home to the family! For this particular stag do I have managed to acquire a minibus through work, much to the relief of my friends who were struggling to book one, which has saved everyone a bit of money, and means that we don’t have to worry about picking it up on the Friday evening or someone trying to drop it back on the Monday morning, which I simply wouldn’t have been able to do with my school hours being inflexible. The plan so far is that I’ll pick everyone up on the Saturday morning and then we head down the motorway to South Wales to sample the delights of Cardiff! Over the years, especially in my childhood, I have had many holidays in Wales and love the place, it’s green fields and rolling mountains, it’s calm, peaceful way of life… I get the feeling that Cardiff is going to be a slightly darker side of Wales! Still, I’ve heard good things about the city and I’m sure we will have a fantastic time. Although this event is yet another stark reminder that the year is hurtling past at a rate of knots, and it felt like we’d planned this stag do years in advance (we hadn’t, of course, it just felt that way!) but now it’s suddenly upon us, and I’m just glad I’d kept a bit of money aside for it, as it’s kinda crept up on me in stealth mode and caught me off guard!

I managed to stay awake the entire day at work, which felt like a little victory by the end of the day, and somehow found the energy to cycle home, even though my legs felt like lumps of lead! Still, with the right motivation, you can do what you need to, and I had to the motivation of picking Olivia up from nursery as soon as I got that bike home and got changed. If there is one thing to motivate you to pedal faster, its that less time on the bike equals more time with the daughter, its a no brainer!

Once the bedtime routine was finished, I had given in, I couldn’t face cooking, and as much as I knew the wife would get up and do it, I also knew how exhausted she was too, and so I declared that tonight was a take away night, and our evening had “chinese” written all over it!

Here’s hoping for a better nights sleep!


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