Just over 100 days left on this blog and already I am considering the prospect of calling it a day at the end of the year, or maybe even considering the possibility of committing myself to another year, it’s a tough call at this point. It’s not that I haven’t enjoyed writing this, but as I’ve mentioned before, probably on more than one occasion, sometimes there aren’t always enough hours in the day to do this every day. There is always the possibility of making it weekly, or even bi-weekly, but it is nice to look back and actually know where the time went, and remember why each day was important, especially looking back on all the little changes to our title lady as she continues to grow and learn new things.

The weeks continue to fly by, and Olivia’s first birthday, which we’d spent so long planning, now seems like a distant memory, with the helium balloons about the give up the ghost and deflate completely. On that note I like to look forward, and consider what the next significant date is, what will I be looking towards, and although Olivia won’t understand a lot of what is going on this year, there are still a number of events she will enjoy, such as bonfire night and Christmas, even if she doesn’t really know what is going on. I think there is definitely a link between how much you celebrate something growing up, and how much you enjoy it as an adult. For example, I’ve always loved bonfire night, and still love it now, which it think stems from the fact that we always used to make a big event of it when I was young. Our an had a big, long garden and at the top we’d always have a bonfire each year, and all the family would come round. There would be food and drink, and it would be a chance to play with my cousins again. Those days have long since passed, and the family rarely meet up now, but I still remember those days of helping to build the fire and lighting it up before the family descended. Halloween was always a bit of a non-event where I lived, and I never really got into it, and to this day it doesn’t excite me much, but then I still think it’s a very American thing to take it seriously. I think the internet has blurred the lines a bit between what is British and what is American as we see more and more of their traditions start to make their way over here. Halloween is one that I don’t thinking will ever really take off though! Once Halloween and bonfire night are out of the way, we’ll pretty much be staring Christmas in the face! Even now, we are less than 100 days away, about 14 weeks or so, and if you really want to scare yourself, only four paydays away (which includes the December one that is usually brought forward a few days to allow people to get last minute presents!), so even if we assume I start early (early for me anyway) in about 6 weeks time, I’ve still only got just three paydays to get all of the food and presents out of, if I don’t want to start putting the costs onto credit cards! Even so, costs aside, it is most definitely my favourite time of year. It has always been about too many decorations and far too much food, and this year will be even more exciting, as Olivia will almost certainly be walking if she carries on at the rate she’s going! But for me, one of the main things about Christmas is seeing people I care about, friends, family, all the people you’ve been meaning to catch up with and making the effort to actually find the time. Visiting, having visitors, going out for drinks, it’s the perfect excuse to pick up the phone and start catching up! For a few years now we’ve tended to use the Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Market as a great place to meet people. Plenty of food, drinks and overpriced gifts to keep us entertained! I love going out, all wrapped up, and then getting a hot mulled wine to keep your hands warm!

Can you tell I’m excited about Christmas already?

Anyway, that’s just one of many events to look forward to now Olivia has turned one, and while this blog does take up some time each day, I’m going to love looking back on it in years to come at all the adventures my little girl had! It will be nice to tell her about what she was like growing up, even on nights like last night where she was up yet again for the third night in a row at 3am, presumably because of teething and the associated cold it has given her. Clare was up first, and tried to relax her and put her back down, but Olivia was wide awake and having none of it. Knowing we both had to be up in the morning, and that Clare generally needs more sleep than me, I got up and took over and was able to eventually rock Olivia back to sleep. I seem to have perfected a method which generally never lets me down, and although it may sometimes take a little while, she always ends up falling asleep! I just hope that three nights is it now, and we can get a normal nights sleep tonight, as I have been exhausted all day, and it took me all my willpower this morning just to get back on the bike and cycle to work, instead of picking up the car keys and giving in! (Note to self: never give in!) This weekend I definitely need some energy and to have had a couple of good nights sleep, as I will be enduring a stag weekend in Cardiff, on top of having to drive there and back! Sleeping will not be tolerated and may result in me waking up with no eyebrows or something ridiculous like that! It should be the stag that has to suffer, not me… especially if I’m driving!

Wednesday night was rounded off with a very inspiring skype training call from a wonderfully inspiring leader in our business who was kind enough to give me her time to support me. Its a far cry from the kind of support I used to get in Tesco which generally went along the lines of “work harder, and we won’t sack you!”. Getting out of retail was the single best decision I ever made with my life, and has totally transformed me and the way I see things. I’m just so glad I managed to convince my sister to leave as well, because if a company still won’t make you full time after six years, then something is wrong! Part time wages are definitely not suitable for a young couple looking to set up home together and lead a normal life, having the sort of fun that other young couples are having! At least she is out now and can start to lead a normal life, enjoying that Friday feeling and appreciating the weekend! As I build my business up and coach others to do the same, this is the sort of support and positivity I want to be exuding to the people who are looking up to me for help! Being surrounded by so much positivity makes a world of difference, and I am soaking it all up at the moment, ready to pass on when its my turn!

After I finished my skype call, I just had enough time to visit my friend as I haven’t seen him for a couple of weeks. He was keen to show off his new caravan (I didn’t know people under 40 were allowed to buy them!) and then we discussed the upcoming stag do this weekend, as my friend has done pretty much all of the organising for it, and I have managed to supply a free minibus for the journey there and back. Oh how life has changed, catching up with friends used to mean vodka shots and 2 for 1 on bottled alcopops, now we discuss caravans, bread makers, and where to have breakfast the morning after a stag do!! When did all this change?


2 thoughts on “260.365”

  1. I don’t think you should give up the blogging! I really struggled to do one every day as I just couldn’t find the time which is why it’s so impressive that you manage to! Cardiff is so much fun as well, you will have a great time on the stag do 🙂


    1. Thanks you very much for the comment, it’s very much appreciated. I have no idea who, if anyone, reads this, but I do enjoy writing it all the same. Not sure how I’m going to manage Saturday on a stag do!!


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