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Well, I had a rather unannounced lesson in parenting last night entitled “Real parenting: how regular people cope who have normal babies that don’t actually sleep through the night”.

Yes for the second night in a row, madam was awake in the wee small hours again, a very snotty nose and probably feeling a bit uncomfortable because of teething issues. The first night Clare got up, so this time there was no escaping the fact that it was my turn to get up and see what was wrong. Cuddles helped, but she was so tired that they were only a temporary solution, I tried the magical Calpol, and that didn’t really do much, eventually Clare brought in a bottle of warm milk for her, as that had seemed to work the night before. Eventually she did go back off and I got back to bed, although at this point with only about three and a half hours of sleep left before my alarm went off in the morning! On waking up I felt like I hadn’t slept a wink at all, and one of my first thoughts was to sack the bike off and actually take the car in. My second thought was how much I actually hated rush hour traffic and traffic jams, to the point I couldn’t bare the thought of sitting in it. I figured that sacking the bike off in favour of the car was a quitters attitude, and I am not one to be called a quitter! I sucked it in and took the bike in the end (even after trying to talk myself out of it several times), and found that by the time I had got to work all the cycling had really got the heart going, the blood pumping and had really woke me up. As usual, Clare had headed the opposite way with Olivia, to take her off to nursery, the main difference with today was that I wouldn’t be picking Olivia up as normal at the end of the day, as Clare was leaving work early to take her mother round, so she would know how to find the nursery, get in, and where Olivia would be in case anything happened.

In the morning, once I’d got to work, I struggled my way through the day, trying to keep my eyes open all day long, which wasn’t as easy as it sounds, and eventually made it to the end of the day where I could hop on my bike and head home. I somehow managed to beat Clare and her Mom back from the nursery, which I didn’t expect, and allowed me to drop my bag at home, put some proper shoes on and walk up towards the bus stop to meet them a little sooner. Olivia had come back from nursery, especially lively and happy, but was still off her food, and hadn’t eaten much for most of today, but that’s pretty normal with her teething anyway.

I’d made the decision today to miss my martial arts class this evening, it was the only thing I could do, I had nowhere near enough energy and had far too much to be doing at home, I was falling behind with a bunch of jobs that needed doing. Its not ideal and I don’t like missing it, but now and again I have to stop and think about the bigger picture, as I still have plenty of wedding photos to be working on and trying to get up to date with!


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