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Some might call it “cruising”, some might call it “exploring”, some might call it “learning”… I call it “getting too damn close to my surround sound speakers”!!

The little lady is moving in oh so many ways now, there is literally no putting her down and leaving her without considering what she can reach, no matter where it is in the room, or any other room for that matter! Its such an exciting time, I can’t wait for those first few independent steps, but we are going to have to reconsider all the things we leave lying around… well, more so me as I am the one dumping cameras and other such gadgets about the place!

Tonights post will have to be short and sweet as it has been a busy evening and I am already looking at going to bed far later than I had intended. I have a very busy schedule at the moment, and just not enough hours in the day. If I could clone myself, that would work wonders right now! Sadly I am unsure about the legality and practicalities of such a convenient idea at the moment!

It was a tough Monday at work as I was still pretty tired from the weekend, and it was the first day I’d had to cycle through rain to get to work, on top of which it was the first day I’d had to cycle without any glasses on my face to protect my eyes. People driving past me probably just think they’re shades so I can look cool, when in reality they are only there to keep bugs, stones, rain, wind and oily spray from the road out of my eyes! At 35mph anyone of those things can really put you off! Consequently I have been back on my favourite shopping site, Amazon to buy some more. I do love Amazon, there really is no beating it. I still remember when I thought they only sold books, and then Clare tells me that she’d ordered her wedding shoes from there! I nearly fell over! Now my big debate is whether or not to invest in one of these helmet cams that I see so many people wearing. Its a bit of an extravagant spend, for something that doesn’t offer any direct benefit to my cycling, but if something was to happen and I had a nasty accident with a car a) if they drove off I’d never have time to see or write don their registration plate number b) if they contested it and said it was my fault, I’d have actual proof, and c) if they got angry about their precious car, I’d feel a bit better knowing (and telling them) that they were being recorded! Something to think about anyway.

Right, its now far too late, the bread maker is set to start baking just before we get up, so hopefully I’ll have some nice fresh bread for sandwiches in the morning, but now I am off to bed!

Night all!

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