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So its a slightly earlier blog than usual, hell, I’m actually doing this at a normal time tonight! I may even stand a chance of getting to bed early, what a crazy thought!

I woke up at the usual time, as Olivia was waking up, and was feeling decidedly exhausted after last nights casino antics! Clare was brilliant and took Olivia downstairs leaving me to sleep for a bit longer, although with a visitor due in the morning, I didn’t want to sleep in late, but that extra hour made all the difference. I got up and could function normally again without wandering around the house all dazed and confused. My day started when my friend turned up ready to sit down and have a look at the business opportunity with me, I think it will be right up his street and hope he makes the decision to jump on board and work towards changing his future!

Thankfully we’d already put the slow cooker and bread maker on in the morning and given ourselves a head start, so lunch was already well under way and soon we were ready to sit down to a lovely lunch thanks to the wife who had been busy in the kitchen.

My one priority for today was to put together Olivia’s new trike that we bought her for her birthday. We didn’t have any plans for today, it was a very rare quiet day, so out came the tools and together went the trike. It looked good and Olivia loved it, so off we went for a little walk while the weather was still good. Its a funny time of year where we just can’t predict the weather at all, it was fairly pleasant out and there was even a bit of sunshine, but bear in mind that the Birmingham Christmas Frankfurt Market opens in just 8 weeks and thats usually an afternoon where you need to wrap up if you want to spend a few hours outside wandering around looking at all the stalls. So if we’re only 8-10 weeks from wrapping up, how much longer have we got these nice afternoons for? I still want to squeeze one more bbq in before the end of the year, I think it is going to have to be in the next two weeks or not at all. We headed out anyway, and enjoyed a bit of fresh air and stretched our legs for a bit, it felt nice, especially after missing my run yesterday.

We walked back past the in-laws and stopped in for a cup of tea, they are always eager to see Olivia, so dropping in at a moments notice is never an issue. They’ll take any excuse they can get for cuddles with their granddaughter! We could only stay for an hour as it was tea time for Olivia, and she was able to tuck into a delicious sandwich with todays freshly made bread, that wasn’t all full of salt and other nasties! Its a snack that she can easily feed herself, which she loves to do, including a banana which she got all over her face, so it was most definitely time for a bath by the time she was done. Then there was just her bedtime bottle of milk left to go and she was ready for bed! Even though she was clearly exhausted, we still had hardly any noise out of her, she’s just so well behaved. Our little diamond!

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