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Saturday morning often starts with a run, which for me is the ideal way to start the day, but not this weekend. Both my running partners were unavailable, so I took the chance to have a rest day and let my legs recover for another week of cycling. It had been a pretty late night on Friday anyway, and my energy levels weren’t exactly soaring. It was however a double birthday, both my sister and my niece sharing the same day, and so I wanted to try and squeeze in a visit to both. My one sister who’s birthday it was, was at my moms house, which was ideal as my mom got to see Olivia while I saw my sister. My other sister was due to come to us later that day so I could see my niece. The timings all went out the window and my two sisters were potentially not going to see each other, so I decided to say goodbye to my mom and head home where both my sisters could come and meet up, see each other, say happy birthday to my niece and see Olivia too. It was really lovely having both of my sisters over, I need to do it more often! I was due to head out that evening, but thankfully so were both my sisters, so the afternoon was wrapped up in plenty of time for me to go and get ready, and I didn’t end up having to usher them out because I was watching the clock. I managed to grab todays photo in the morning before we went anywhere, as this little madam really is on the move now. The whole of downstairs is now a roaming ground for her, and nowhere is safe unless we religiously close doors behind us. Although there have been occasions where she has shut the door after us and sat behind it so we can’t get back into the room, the little monster!

Saturday was not only the birthdays of my sister and niece, but the birthday celebration of one of our friends, who was the first in our group to turn 40, and it kinda highlighted how close we all are to hitting that mark now. I still have a couple of years left, but that dreaded number is fast approaching all the same, and there is no avoiding it. Our night was starting with a few drinks, followed by a meal at an Argentinian restaurant. The only time I had eaten Argentinian was on the couple of times I had visited Amsterdam as they have countless Argentinian Steak Houses, which sell some of the tastiest steak I have ever eaten! The kind of steak that almost makes me want to book a flight out there just to eat it again! Our restaurant tonight had a similar meat based theme, and you really needed to like your meat cooked rare to eat here, there was plenty of red in these cuts, but they tasted sooo good! We ate later than I was hoping to as we didn’t even get seated until 9:30pm, having not eaten a lot all day, so I had to be careful not to drink too much before the food appeared, as we’d all met up from 7pm , which meant a big gap between meeting up and sitting down to eat, with the obvious chance to drink a little too much on an empty stomach! While it was my friends 40th, I was having a really nice time just chatting to friends, and didn’t want to be slurring my words or end up halfway through saying something and forgetting what the point of what I was saying actually was! The food came out and was amazing, meat, lots of it, cooked perfectly and full of flavour. The bill was all put on a tab and split, which made the evening easier, and this time I wasn’t driving and so didn’t feel cheated about paying for everyone else’s drinks while I had a lemonade, as has happened more than once!

After the meal we headed out for the short walk onto a local casino. I’d only been in a casino once before and was quite drunk at the time, knowing full well to keep my money in my pocket in the state I was in or I’d end up losing the lot! Consequently I wasn’t quite sure what to expect this time, but it was a very pleasant surprise, and far less pretentious than I thought it was going to be! It was a modestly small venue and was quiet enough to not feel intimidating, but busy enough that all the tables had something going on that I could join in with. I decided to take my chances on a poker table and ended up making money. In fact I’d made more money than I came out of the house with that evening! Even after the meal and drinks I was still in profit! A few of us shared a taxi home as it was getting very late, and I can now approach next weekends stag do feeling abit more confident about money, as I was aware that two back to back weekends could have left a bit of a hole in the bank account. Thankfully that isn’t the case as last night was essentially free!


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