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Ah the sweet taste of Friday! A fairly relaxed day at work with the kids, and thankfully all the staff managing to avoid some kind of injury which is always a good thing! The weather was great for cycling, although I’d forgotten to to put a much needed clothes wash on, including my cycling jerseys, and only had one left, which was more of a winter top that had a lovely soft lining, but not ideal for warm, uphill rides home!

I was home a little earlier than usual after work, and spent some lovely time with Olivia, who is now a far cry from the little baby we used to put down in one spot and still find in that spot five minutes later! This new and improved version doesn’t sit still any more, in fact as you can see from todays photo, its a damn good job I put the stair gate up last week. We’d been talking about it for a little while, and I knew we were close to needing it, but I didn’t realise just how close! She is most definitely on the move and is quite happily and quickly shuffling/crawling from one room to another. In fact, at this rate, I think it is becoming very obvious that buying only one stair gate was a big oversight, as we are very soon going to need on for the top of the stairs as well!

Her crawling around in white leggings apparently also highlighted an urgent need to do a much better job of cleaning the floor! Oh well, its on the list of things to do… that is unless we can just tie dusters to her knees… hmm!

Once Clare was home (and equally horrified at our little girl climbing up the stair gate!) I was able to disappear to the supermarket as I need to pick up a number of different things such as pizza for dinner, some birthday cards, some strong flour and a few other ingredients for our bread making machine, a couple of beers for myself, nothing too substantial… yet I still managed to spend the equivalent of a weekly food shop in there and left feeling rather poor! I was home just in time to say goodnight to Olivia before she was taken up to bed, and with the pizzas in the oven, that gave me 15 minutes to get the bread maker set up, and the ingredients in. It was an extremely simple process and I’d hit the start button before the oven timer went off to say that dinner was ready! As I had been originally supposed to meet with a friend tonight who had subsequently cancelled on me, this meant I could get to work on sifting through a few more wedding photos that I need to get on top of. I do love weddings, but the editing process afterwards can seem to take forever! I hate to keep people waiting, but I just don’t seem to have enough hours in the day at the moment! I’m already pushing the limits of how little I can sleep and still have the energy to not only function normally, but exercise as well. Take into account the full time job, the 1 year old daughter, and essentially running two part time businesses… its no wonder my hair is going grey!

One little bonus before bed, was the sound of the bread maker beeping and alerting me to the fact that it had finished and my first loaf was ready! I had already been smelling it during the baking part of the process, and it smelt delicious. The smell even caught the attention of Clare who had gone to bed some time ago! I just had to taste a slice before I went to bed, and it was delicious!! Definitely the right choice, I can now happily give Olivia bread and toast knowing it is not full of too much salt and other unnecessary ingredients. Here is an article from The Independent newspaper which didn’t make me decide to buy a bread making machine as I’d already ordered it before reading this, but did reassure me that I had made the right choice.



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