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Almost the weekend, which is a pretty grim way to look at the week considering its still only Thursday! Still, the weekend is about family time, and that’s something I can’t fully appreciate during the week.

Thursday meant one thing, Olivia was at nursery again and I had to pedal my little legs off to get home as fast as I could so that I could get changed out of my cycling clobber to head out and pick her up. It is only a short walk, and I am there in only a couple of minutes, and no matter how good my day has been, this always feels like the best part of the day for me! I love walking in there and seeing the smile on her face, the staff always comment on how good she has been and how well she has settled in. It has only been a couple of weeks now and she is eating fine and taking all her naps there, which is very reassuring. I think its a big stage for any parent to be leaving their little one in someone else’s care, and their biggest worry is that their child will be upset and spend the entire day crying. When you are obliged to be in work after dropping them off, what do you do?? It proved no problem with our little girl, she took to it like a duck to water.

I can’t deny that becoming a parent really has changed me in so many ways, there are so many things I see differently. I have definitely become more concerned with the future and my health for a start. I took up running years ago to get fitter, lose a bit of weight, but mostly to look after my heart, and now I continue to burn the calories during week cycling to and from work, and still squeezing in the odd run at the weekend. The running is something that I love, although having somebody alongside you to give you a bit of encouragement makes a lot of difference, and it also gives you that extra incentive to get out there and actually do it when you know someone is waiting for you, rather than just sitting at home making excuses! I’ve been lucky to have a couple of running partners to keep me going, and now I’m faces with the decision of whether or not to sign up for this years Birmingham Half Marathon which will be my fifth. Last year was hard work and put me off, I hadn’t trained enough and wasn’t feeling 100% on the morning! Although I am still tempted to try and beat my personal best, providing I can get enough training in between now and then.

I finished off the day with a visit to a friend to show the business to them, as every parents financial nightmare, the dreaded nursery fees are looking to cause a bit of an issue for them. If I can show them a way to change things so they don’t have to worry about nursery fees again, then it makes me very happy to think I can really help my friends out. I’ve left them to think about it, as only they know if its right for them.


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