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A chaotic start to the day as I left the house to cycle to work and found out that yet again the local traffic lights at a major junction were out and causing carnage! This is happening on such a regular occurrence now, I can’t understand why nobody has fixed it. Getting across a junction where nobody wants to wait for anybody, and everybody is angry makes you feel a little vulnerable on two wheels, but thankfully I was able to position myself quite closely behind a bus and get across safely. Not many will argue with a bus!

On top of this I was late leaving the house, but due to being able to zip through the traffic, the sheer amount of cars on the road (which always seems worse on a Tuesday for some reason) doesn’t really slow me down much and I was still able to get to work in time to grab a shower. It’s such a refreshing way to start the day with 20 minutes intensive cycling, followed by a nice hot shower, it’s a great start to the day! The days seem to have settled down slightly as the kids begin to settle in, but working in a special needs school can always be unpredictable, the kids can become quite upset very quickly and the chances of getting scratched or bruised are very likely. Still, we don’t do this job for the money, we do it for the love of it. This term is still going to be long, although all the retail and office friends I know I’m sure will have very little sympathy. By the time this term is finished, it will almost be time for the Birmingham German Christmas Market to start, so I guess we can expect these mornings to start getting colder and colder, which reminds me, I still need to get the last of the loft panels laid to keep the house as warm as possible. I have a few busy weekends ahead of me, so I really need to plan this time in or the job just isn’t going to get done! I’m finding that using a diary planner is essential lately as I have so much going on a so many things to remember! If I don’t write it down, it doesn’t get done!

Today was also the first day back in the Samurai Jujitsu dojo this evening, and I knew I had to get home as early as possible to pick Olivia up from nursery so I could be ready to go out on time. Although on cycling home I was soon presented with the grim reality that the traffic lights that were out this morning, had either gone out again or were still out from this morning, the traffic was nothing less than sheer chaos! While cycling down the middle of the road, in between all the stationary cars proved to be no problem for me, as I was still getting home at a pretty normal speed, totally unaffected by the carnage I was weaving in and out of, I knew that it would be a different story for Clare who would be coming home on the bus and was going to get stuck in the middle of all this. I don’t want my wife sat in all this traffic, but is also can’t leave on time for jujitsu if she’s not home to take over looking after Olivia. It was a win-win for everyone if I strapped Olivia into her car seat and went out to pick Clare up from a bus stop further from home where the traffic wouldn’t be so bad. She was very grateful, I was able to leave on time and it was job done!

Back in the dojo I was feeling a little out of practise, it has been a number of weeks since I’ve been thrown onto the floor! I do enjoy the jujitsu, but I am beginning to question if I have the time for it at the moment. Tuesdays are becoming kind of hectic and my week is busy enough as it is. Building up a new business deserves all the time I have to get it going, yet I’m still working on wedding photos at the moment. Oh if only there were more hours in the day, or I didn’t need that little luxury we call sleep!


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