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“The day after the night before.”


Not the start to the day that I wanted, I knew it was going to be an early one, but going to bed late, a little worse for wear, and totally not setting an alarm was a bad move. Thankfully I got lucky and woke up early anyway, managed to get up and showered and ready to face my day, even if I didn’t completely feel like it. I had booked myself in for a hugely motivating day of training with some amazing people, and was looking to pick up some inspirational advice from some great leaders in our business. Its a far cry from the days of Tesco when you were just expected to “get on with it” and given a verbal beating if you made any mistakes! Working in retail, I feel, for me was quite a damaging environment for confidence, moral and trust. It was nothing like the promises they’d given me when I started and the dreams they’d sold to me, I thought I was going big places when I started, I believed they all wanted the best for me. How wrong I could be, I was a number, nothing more! When I started my new business, I was coached by a friend who I’d worked with in Tesco, and I found it hard to believe anything she was telling me, even though I actually knew her and knew she’d got no reason to lie to me. Now I am putting the days of Tesco behind me and looking forward to the future with a fantastic company behind me and some wonderful people around me. Learning is fun and success is met with elation and congratulations from everyone around you, not the jealousy and resentment I was used to at Tesco.

I am not unfamiliar with taking on extra work, and I have regularly held down a second job to top up my income in the past, and more recently so with my own photography business, although I found that was taking up a lot of time, on top of already working a full time job. My new business though, I am hoping will work itself up to replace the income of my full time job and will allow me to then be free to do what I want. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy my full time job, and it is a privilege to be able to look after and help children with special needs, but to do this I have to hand my own daughter over to someone else while I do it! It doesn’t seem quite right, surely my daughter should be coming first?! Yes, I know she needs to experience new things and people, and so even if I was working from home and able to look after her full time, I would still continue to keep her in the nursery for the two days a week she is there, so she would continue to benefit from the social experiences of other adults and other children, as well as all the messy play she wouldn’t get as much chance to do at home!

Although today was extremely interesting and motivating, it was lovely to get home and see the family, my wife and daughter are everything to me. My outlook on life has completely changed since becoming a father, and nothing fills my heart with joy more than the smile from my daughter apart from her arms reaching out for daddy to pick her up! Now she is one year old, it has changed my mindset even more, I don’t have a baby any more, I have a full on toddler that is rapidly turning into a proper little girl! Every day she changes, and I am still trying to take at least one photo of her each day. My next goal, for the end of this month, is to put together a photo book, with hopefully 365 photos of her from the last 12 months!

Right, off to bed!


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