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The day we’d been waiting for all year, the Big Birthday Bash, is finally here! The garden wasn’t finished, but was looking good, plenty of flowers out, and looking much tidier than the last time we had a party for my birthday! The first guests were my family and after that people just kept turning up all day. The BBQ was soon lit and with the weather being dry and warm, we could cook all day long and plenty of people were taking advantage of being able to use the garden. We had the gazebo out and plenty of chairs. With the buffet on the table, there was very little to do, and so I treated myself to an early beer.

It was a lovely relaxed day and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves, especially the birthday girl who was getting plenty of attention. There was so much going on, and so many people wanting cuddles, it could easily have been a bit overwhelming for her, but she still managed to settle enough for an afternoon nap. As the day went on, a few people started drifting away, as some of them had other engagements, and took away some of Clare’s amazing birthday cake, which I could have quite happily eaten until I was sick! Amazing cake! Nom! Eventually there were just a couple of friends left, and not much drink, so the boys took a walk round to the local convenience store. We finished off the day having a laugh at our wedding dvd, and the brilliant best man speech! When the last of the guests left, we had just enough energy left to give the house a very basic tidy up, throwing a few cans and bottles out and tidying away some toys.

What a fantastic day, literally everything we hoped it would be!

Thanks to all those who came and for the cards and presents, and for all those we couldn’t invite, I can only apologise. I wanted so many of you there to celebrate with us, but our poor little house just isn’t big enough for everyone! All the best wishes meant a lot to us though, and Olivia will get to see all the cards when she’s a little older!


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