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Today is Olivia’s 1st birthday, and I was very glad that at least the wife could get the day off from work, although I was home a bit earlier than I usually am the rest of the week, which was great, got to love Friday afternoons! Its always great to spend time with my two favourite ladies, although Olivia was on her way upstairs for her afternoon nap when I got back on my bike and pulled up on the drive way, that was at least until she heard my voice, where her ears pricked up and suddenly she was awake again. She was eventually very late taking her afternoon nap and slept right up until bedtime, pushing through that nap she was due to have earlier wasn’t such a great idea after all. I had to wake her eventually as she needed her dinner and milk before bedtime, and I thought this was going to be my opportunity to get a decent portrait of her on her first birthday… although little miss I-havent-slept-enough was just continually cranky after she’d got up, and after giving her a small dinner as it was getting late, the only true fix for this was a bottle of warm milk and getting her straight back up to bed!

Today was all about preparations for tomorrow, Clare has made a fantastic cake…

With the cake made we blew some balloons up tidied the garden and marinated some chicken for tomorrows bbq, and I popped out to the shops for some wine and beers and to pick up some charcoal, which was a massive oversight as I hadn’t considered if there would be any left in the shops this late into the year for the party when I used the last bag up. Thankfully I found a bag at our local convenience store, so we were saved, the bbq was back on!

I know we’re going to be a little pushed for time in the morning, but I still want to squeeze in a Saturday morning run now I am back in the habit! Then its time to start prepping the food and finding room in the fridge for the drinks! I’m off to bed now, I’ll be needing some energy for tomorrow!


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