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Wednesday was a bit of a mixed day, work certainly had its ups and downs, the kids were back in and got a bit lively, but we kind of expected that, and generally the staff are great, but some still let the side down, which never fails to amaze me considering the caring environment we work in. However, life for me is great right now, and I am relentless in staying positive. Changes are happening, and even better times are coming. I spent this evening investing time in my new business by sharing the opportunity and some information with a friend who I think would be great at it. Part of the beauty of what I do is being able to catch up with friends that I haven’t seen for a long time, and give them a chance to change their life. We all have a bunch of people on our Facebook friends list that we added some time ago, probably haven’t seen since school and who we have never spoken to since, apart from the odd photo ‘like’ or happy birthday when we get reminded. It does feel really good to reconnect with some of these people again, and I feel like I have actually justified adding these people on to my friends list and allowing them to have a small glimpse into my life.

The most important part of my day, however, is that period after leaving work and arriving home when I get to see my daughter. She is still sleeping a lot at the moment, and even got in a three hour nap this morning! When I came in from work she was taking her afternoon nap, which gave me a chance to cool down and start making myself some dinner after my cycle home. I went upstairs to check on the little lady and ended up taking todays photo as this is how I found her sleeping… with the entire cot at her disposal, and yet she tucks herself into the corner!! Gone are the days we put her down and find her exactly where we left her!

So as the weekend approaches, we now have Thursday and Friday to prepare the house and garden for Saturdays party. The food shopping has been ordered and we have some plates and cutlery ready to go. The guests have been invited and now we’re just keeping our eye on the weather forecast!


7 thoughts on “246.365”

      1. I have been catching up with reading other peoples blogs every now and then but I have struggled to find time to do anything recently! 😦
        I bought a house that turned out to be a ‘project’ so I’ve waved goodbye to all of my spare time!
        I’ve been meaning to check out your website actually, do you do wedding photography?


      2. All our dates got held up so we are living in ours at the same time! It was very poorly maintained so it’s mostly cosmetic stuff luckily! I am getting married myself! So I’m just collecting some names and prices etc to look in to. The wedding is not until 2016 though so I’m not in any rush lol.


      3. We started planning ours two years in advance and took a very structured approach to it. We booked cars one month, cake the next, flowers the month after and ticked off our list one by one. It’s definitely the way to go, the day was a breeze! If you want any advice or tips, just ask!


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