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“Cuddle time!”


Well what a day! Our little lady has certainly started to grow up, she spent her first full day at nursery. “No parents required thanks mom and dad, I’m a big girl now!”. I know the wife was a little emotional after dropping her off, which doesn’t surprise me, and I was certainly feeling it a bit too. I literally couldn’t wait to get out of work and go to collect her. I pedalled my little heart out on that bike ride home! The poor little thing has had a horrible cold, but the staff all said she’d had a wonderful day, ate well, drank well, and loved playing with the others. It is fair to say that mommy and daddy were very proud of her indeed after being so good on her first day! I just know she is going to get so much out of it. Both Clare and myself had our bets on the fact that because of so much going on around her, she probably wouldn’t have slept enough, and would be tired. We weren’t far wrong, she did get a couple of naps, but she was still full of beans when we picked her up and loved being carried home on daddy’s shoulders. She started to run out of steam as we got closer to bed time, and has now started to enjoy to evening cuddles while watching her favourite “In The Night Garden” programme on tv, its really really nice to get a few cuddles before bed, especially when she is so disinterested during the day when all she wants to do is crawl and pick things up!

Plus in other news, excited to see Faith No More are producing a new album, out next year… only waited 18 years for it! Its only a week until Apple unveil the new iPhone, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little excited! My business is starting to grow with a new team member now, very exciting and have spent the evening discussing plans for the future with other like minded friends. The future is suddenly looking a lot more rosy!

Anyway, enough late nights this week, I’m off to bed!


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