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Back to work and back to reality, but then also back on the bike too, which is a bonus! I really wish I had got some cycling in over the summer holidays, but it was great to be back out on the road, although I am still very seriously considering one of those helmet cams, even though they’re a bit pricey, while I still have a bit of money in the bank. I do love my cycling, and feel great for commuting to work on two wheels, for the fitness, for the money saving, and for not getting stuck in rush hour traffic, but I do feel like I am taking my life in my own hands sometimes. I am hoping that motorists just SEEING that I had a helmet cam on would make them want to give me a wider berth for fear of being caught driving badly! the amount of bad driving on the road, even after cycling to and from work for two and a half years, never fails to amaze me.

The day was good, it was nice to see people again and catch up on what people had been getting up to over the summer break, but it was equally nice to get home and see Olivia, I’d made sure I left on time and cycled extra hard to get home as early as I could, only to find she was upstairs asleep in bed when I got back. That girl loves her sleep! She has been suffering with a nasty cold recently though, and has been sleeping a lot more than usual. After we were all home from work, Clare was due to head out for dinner with a few of the antenatal moms, and I thought, if she can have fancy food on a Monday night, then I am having chinese at the very least! I did consider washing it down with a bottle of beer, but couldn’t bring myself to do it on a Monday night, I need to be getting my head out of holiday mode, I have now gone back to work and can’t just pick up a beer when I fancy it any more! Although on saying that, I had been talked (with very little effort I might add) into going to pub at lunchtime with a few friends, and although I didn’t tuck into any food I did treat myself to a liquid lunch! It was a rare treat as we had an hour for lunch today, compared to the usual 30 minutes we get.

Once Clare was out, I put Olivia to bed and had a bit of time to myself and was enjoying the peace (Sorry Clare!) for a little while, that was until I heard some sobs coming from upstairs, and quite unusually, Olivia had woken herself up. Her cold had been awful the last two days, and her nose hasn’t been so much streaming, more so flowing like a river! It took almost an hour to settle her and eventually the Calpol kicked in and did its thing and she was back to sleep!

Now its time for me to do exactly the same… well, the going to sleep bit anyway, not the dosing myself up on calpol bit!


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