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This is it… the end of an era, the end of the big summer break. As much as I love my job, six weeks at home with Olivia has been priceless, time I have treasured every single day. This week will start with her being looked after by grandparents on day one before being taken to nursery on day two. The setting in at nursery last week went very well, but a full day is going to be a different scenario, so we’re keeping everything crossed that it all goes well.

Today was the mother-in-laws birthday and we were set to head out for a meal with the family, a lovely pub we’d been to once before that does an amazing carvery. It was so easy to eat far too much, but the food was delicious! Even better than we pile a few extra veg onto the plate and feed Olivia some normal food as she now has some very sharp teeth and can do some proper chewing. After the meal we all went back to the in-laws house and Clare produced a fantastic cake that she’d made for her mom, which we all tucked into. Clare is very clever in kitchen, but her real test will come this week when she attempts to make a cake for Olivia’s first birthday this coming weekend. We had a lovely few hours with the family, and we were home just in time to get the shopping delivery from asda. Our very tired little lady hadn’t slept much all day, and with a horrible cold she wasn’t a happy little bunny by bedtime, although thankfully she still had enough energy to stay awake in the car while Clare dropped me into town to meet a fellow photographer and 365 pal who was up from London for a few days. A really nice guy who it was great to meet and share a few beers with. Looking forward to the next time!


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