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I feel like a record that's stuck lately (something the kids won't understand!) and although I may be repeating myself, I really need to start getting to bed earlier. I'm my own worst enemy sometimes! I should have bags of energy at the moment, but I continually find myself feeling tired, and that's only really… Continue reading 273.365

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In this era of immense materialism, it has become very easy for us to obsess a little, maybe a little too much, about what we have or haven't got and what we want. I know Clare and myself may not be rich, but we are still in a very fortunate situation, there's no denying that!… Continue reading 272.365

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It has been a weekend of changed, cancelled and postponed plans, and a need to be understanding and flexible. I can cope with that, especially as the practical upshot of it is that I get more time to spend with the family, which is always a good thing! It was the same early start that… Continue reading 271.365

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I have said before, and still say, there is no better way to start the weekend than with a good run around the reservoir, and as I am still helping my friend train for her first half marathon, now just a few weeks away, that is exactly where I was this morning! My usual run… Continue reading 270.365

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HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!! The weekend is finally here, another week is done and a chance to spend another 48 hours with the family! For the end of September the weather is still reasonably warm, and cycling to and from work this week has been especially pleasant, but none more so than on a Friday afternoon… Continue reading 269.365

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Just one day left before the weekend leaves me feeling very happy indeed! It has just been one of those weeks that I just can't seem to get into the groove of. Maybe too many late nights, or a change in the weather, I don't know what it is but I am genuinely feeling a… Continue reading 268.365

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Well, Wednesday is a brand new day, and last nights grumpiness has gone. Today is day 3 of my Clean 9 programme and I will be rewarded with extra shakes and food to keep me motivated, but first thing this morning was my day 3 weigh-in... and I was thrilled to find out that my… Continue reading 267.365

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Todays post really can't be a long one, its getting late again, its been a really full day and I need to get to bed. I am in serious need of some sleep! I am committed though, and won't let a day pass without filling in this blog, its what I promised myself I would… Continue reading 265.365

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So the long awaited stag weekend is over, we're home and feeling a little more fragile than we were yesterday morning, but what a great time we had! The antics ended in the early hours of the morning, and it is fair to say that we all loved Cardiff, what a fantastic city! We had… Continue reading 264.365