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Its amazing the things you take for granted that you suddenly become acutely aware of when you become a parent. I am suddenly aware of food and drinks with excessive salt, sugar or caffeine, I’m aware of my choice of language when confronted with idiots while I am out driving, I’m aware of how long I’m spending in the sun while we’re out as a family, and more recently the one thing I have become aware of, is fluoride. Obviously some of you who read this regularly will know that Olivia has been teething for a while and now has a few teeth on both top and bottom gums. At some point, even though there wasn’t many, we had to consider brushing them at some point and making it a daily feature, more so for her to get used to it than because her teeth need much brushing at this stage. Like so many other things, she loves putting the toothbrush in her mouth, to have a good chew of it, but isn’t quite so keen when someone else is holding it. Each time I take the brush and try to brush her teeth with it we have a performance, a sort of mini temper tantrum if you like. It wasn’t always like this, she did initially start off being really good about tooth brushing, but has soon since changed her mind. What does end up happening if we leave her with the brush, is that she’ll have a damn good suck of it, and will probably swallow any of the toothpaste that is on there. While the jury is out on the health benefits and implications of fluoride, I don’t feel like it is something that we need to expose Olivia to just yet. I have started using on myself and have also introduced Olivia to Aloe Vera tooth gel, which not only tastes good and leaves my teeth feeling super clean, but also contains absolutely no fluoride at all! Consequently, this is the only stuff I use on her teeth now, so she can quite literally swallow as much as she wants!

After the unnecessary battle with the one year old to get her teeth brushed, it was soon time to take her to nursery for her fourth and final settling in session, a whopping four hours! The first session was getting her used to the staff and other children while we stayed and watched. The second session was half an hour of her on her own while I left her there. The third session was an hour around lunchtime to see if she’d eat without me or Clare around, and todays fourth session was to see if she’d not only eat, but also take a nap. It was a bit strange being suddenly on my own and not quite knowing what to do with all this time on my hands. After last nights rather late night treating myself to a bottle of Jim Beam, the first thing on my mind was a little lie down! I’ll be honest, I didn’t get a lot done with my free time, mainly because one of my sisters said they would be stopping by, so I was waiting for them to turn up and they were quite late in the end, too late to mean I could start something or go anywhere. Finally the time came to collect Olivia from nursery, and I got there to find out she’d had a wonderful afternoon, and had behaved beautifully, as well as eating her lunch and taking a nap there. Exactly what we’d hoped for. We took a drive out soon after getting home, as I had to pick up my tripod and monopod from the venue where I photographed last weeks wedding. Being in the rather sick state that I was, I’d gone and left these behind. Only the second time ever that I’ve forgot something and left it at a wedding, I was just so glad that someone handed them in! Not a mistake I’ll be making again any time soon!

By the time we finally got home properly, there was very little I could do with the time I’d got, it was almost time to start preparing the dinner. I had defrosted some mince so that we could make up a big bowl of chilli, I just had to make sure it wasn’t as hot as the last one, as the wife was certainly not happy with it! With the wife finally home from work and little madam starting to fidget as she was getting really tired, having only had two short naps all day, it was time to get that bath run, get her in and out, and the put her straight to bed after she’d finished her last bottle.

Now its time for bed myself and catching up on 40 winks ahead of tomorrow mornings run! Oh, and Chilli was perfect thank you, it got a thumbs up from the wife!


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