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“Pass the remote control”


I think there has never been a time that being a geek is cooler than it is now. I’ve even seen people walking round in t-shirts advertising the fact, and I can bet there is only one person to blame for all this… Steve Jobs, his legacy is living on! He brought cool and clever together in one product, that pesky iPhone. Yes, the pesky iPhone that I got sucked into and now can’t do without, the pesky iPhone that syncs nicely with my iPad, MacBook and AppleTV. Damn you Jobs, look what you’ve done to me, i’m a slave to your products!! Still, it has now been pretty much confirmed that September 9th will be the day the new Apple products get their showcase. What will the next iPhone look like? They’d better bring out something that quite literally blows our socks off, or I think that at this point, there will be an almighty exodus to the alternatives who have upped their game massively! Even the die hard Apple fans can’t hang around forever. I tend to get as excited about a new phone on upgrade day, as a 6yr old does about Christmas!! In an ideal world my brain says, “get a SIM only deal, they’re super cheap, its all you need!”, but I can’t help my heart saying “new phone, shiny shiny!”.

Anyway, the fact is, my geekiness, as uncool as it would have been once at school, is now useful. The afore mentioned Apple products will actually put on quite a nice display for Olivia’s birthday party in just over a weeks time. If the weather is good, as the forecast is suggesting, then hopefully most people will be outside appreciating my hard work in the garden, if the weather turns typically British and rains all over everyone, they will move indoors where I will have a big slideshow on the TV, courtesy of the Apple TV showing off lots and lots of Olivia based photos for her party! I have consequently spent the majority of the day sorting through said photos, finding the best ones, and tweaking them before uploading them.

The big feature of Friday was Olivia’s nursery session, it was nursery date number three, and this time they were keeping her for two hours. Which seemed like quite a long time, I mean, you could do all sorts with two hours? Couldn’t you? Apparently you can’t, I got a few bits done here and there, and suddenly its time to pick her back up again. It was nice to have a couple of hours off, but I would be glad to have her home again. When I got there, she was quite relaxed and happy, and had clearly had a wonderful time settling in. It comes as something of a relief, but we are still aware of the tale of our friends little girl who has recently gone through the same, and had a great settling in session herself, before having an absolute meltdown on her first actual proper day there. Its left us feeling a bit nervous, but I am quietly confident that Olivia will be fine. Fingers crossed anyway!


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