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IMG_7814It has become fairly apparent recently that my usual late night blog posts are becoming a bit of a problem. From the initial days of my photo-a-day project with a little commentary, I have now switch this around to the main focus being on the blog post, rather than the photo, although I committed to a second year of photos and so will endeavour to keep this up and review it again at the end of the year as it is fair to say that they have been less than inspiring in the last few months. I have to say though, it has been really good looking back on them, and using them almost as a visual diary of the last year and a half and being able to look at specific dates and remember the day. The problem I am having with the late night posts is that I am literally falling asleep while typing them as I am leaving them way too late, most often because I don’t have a photo to go with them for that day. As I am finding myself falling asleep, I tend to find myself typing absolute gibberish and miss out, or fail to elaborate on significant parts of the day, and have to delete parts of what I have written as some of it doesn’t even make any sense! I need to make a new plan going forward, something that can become a regular part of the day so I can establish it as a part of my routine.

So what happened today then? Well Olivia had her third session at the nursery to help her settle in, with each session being slightly different. The first time we went in with her, the second time we left her there without us for half an hour, today we left her for an hour just before lunch time so they could see how she’d eat without someone she knows nearby or in the same room. It was a big relief, it went well and we’re both confident that next week should be far less traumatic as a result. Now all we hope for, is that on her final session, in two days time, we can get her to have a sleep there, although I am not hugely confident about this bit being quite so easy, but we will have to see. After the nursery session, Clare decided to stay at home while I took Olivia out in the car to see my old school friend Richard and his little girl Erin, who is just a couple of months younger than Olivia. It was a nice afternoon, although it went very quickly. We enjoyed some tea and biscuits before a walk around the local park. It is so good catching up with old friends, and it has been brilliant that we have both been off work over the summer and been able to meet up. I had to leave quite promptly after our walk as we had the in-laws coming round for dinner, and although Clare was still at home and dealing with it all, her plan was to have Olivia sitting at the table in her high chair eating the same food as us, with us, and so Olivia was blessed with having her first taste of… lasagne!! Not only that, but chips and garlic bread to go with it! The lasagne itself was actually completely home cooked by the wife, which I was very impressed with, and there really is something special about home cooked food, its what we prefer to see Olivia eating. In fact a recent conversation with my friend let him to showing and demonstrating his bread machine, especially as I didn’t realise how crap some of the ingredients of shop brought loaves were. With Olivia loving her toast and sandwiches, I just couldn’t face giving her something like any more normal white bread that is made up of some many bad ingredients. The grandparents kept Olivia entertained in the run up to bedtime, and she ran out of steam pretty much bang on time, and was soon up to bed and asleep. Eventually Clare was off to bed, and before I went it myself, it was my chance to relax and hang out for a while, and so I treated myself to a little bonfire in the back garden while everyone else was asleep. The perils of being a night owl!


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