The famous UK August Bank Holiday.


It has been a truly traditional bank holiday, the weather being the most prominent feature of the day… rain… all… day… long!!

I’d made plans to take Clare and Olivia out for a surprise drive today to a little village in the Cotswolds, and would probably even have gone with a bit of rain about, but sadly that wasn’t our only problem. With Clare’s recent episode of sickness she was still feeling fragile and clearly had no intention of going anywhere this morning. Thankfully I was back to full health and feeling great, but Clare was not so eager to get out and get things done, and the weather did little to encourage that. On top of which, our little madam, Miss Vokes Jr, had her second day in a row where she needed three naps instead of her usual two naps. Very peculiar! So with travel plans now out of the water, what else do you do with a bank holiday? My wife not wearing any make-up told me all that I needed to know… she never leaves the house without make-up on, and with none on, I guess we weren’t going anywhere.

We seemed to spend a lot of the day staring out of the window, unable to believe the amount of rain we were having and how it showed little or no signs of stopping at any point, but we did get to watch a few films together, which was nice.


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