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Its a bank holiday weekend here in the UK, which means most people are getting a little excited about an extra day off, when all I can get excited about is one thing… the Belgian F1 grand prix today! I had managed to watch the qualifying live before I headed out with the family to yesterdays birthday party for the twins and was really looking forward to one of my favourite races on the F1 calendar. As I woke up and rolled over, however, it soon became apparent that all was not well… well, more specifically the wife was not well. It seems that my food poisoning episode either wasn’t isolated, or she had caught some of my germs and had spent the entire night being very unwell. There was very little I could do besides leave her in bed to rest, which meant I was suddenly house bound and my plans to watch the race with a friend at the pub were abruptly cancelled! Very disappointing, but absolutely nothing I could do about it. Although having spoke to numerous people, it didn’t sound like we were alone in our discomfort this week. Thankfully I was 95% back to full strength again, and so took over looking after Olivia for the day while Clare slept off her sickness. I managed to get Olivia dressed and have her lunch ready before the start of the race, and so didn’t miss out on any of the action just because I was staying at home. I am going to guess that most people won’t share my excitement as I can’t see many people come here for the F1 updates. Do any F1 fans follow this at all? Do let me know!

Throughout the day I kept Olivia entertained whilst I regularly checking on the wife to see if she was showing any signs of improvement (and still breathing!) or was needing anything, although I knew what the answer would be before I asked her. It wasn’t the day I had expected, but in times like this you just have to ride it out. I knew that I had an evening meeting that I really needed to get to, and could not see Clare feeling well enough to be putting Olivia to bed as I would have to leave about an hour before bedtime if I was going to make it out. Thankfully, although she was reluctant to get anywhere close to the germs, the mother-in-law appeared to save the day after a phone call and with nothing left to do but give Olivia her final bottle of milk, it only meant that she had to be here for an hour, which I was totally grateful for. With Clare in bed, and Olivia taken care of, I set off on the road feeling quite excited about meeting such inspirational people that have helped and coached me in my business. Watching them build and work towards their dreams makes me realise how important what I am doing is, and how much this can help my family. The thought of baby number two is obviously at the front of our minds at the moment, especially as we feel Olivia is at the right age for us now to look at a second baby, and I also wanted to make sure that I’d had children before I was 40, which is still a little way off, but creeping closer all the time. I know that a lot of people seem to be starting their families later and later these days, but for me I feel that 40 is the absolute upper limit of how old I want to be to have children. That’s not to say I think its too old in general, just for me, that’s where I want to be when number two arrives, still in my 30s. I just want to know that I am going to have the energy to be the father my children need me to be! Our only real obstruction is a financial one at the moment, our third bedroom is nowhere near big enough for a childs bedroom and although we have the potential to extend the room across the garage, having the funds to carry this out is another matter! I know people cope with less room than we have, and maybe we need to not worry about it so much, especially if we have found ourselves “clock-watching”, I am sure we will find a way of working things out if we DID happen to find that number two was soon on the way. It would be actually quite easy if we had another girl, as we have all the clothes ready to go and bunk beds would be no problem, but the chances of it being a girl are against us now. Same sex children families are few and far between in both sides of our family, and having already had a girl, I think it has reduced our chances. I guess we’ll just have to work out our next move and wait and see.


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