There are no words for how much better you can feel after a great nights sleep, last night I took myself off to bed early and even managed a lie in thanks to the wife in the morning! Okay, so I wasn’t 100% recovered from the food poisoning incident, but the improvement was such a huge relief! I could continue my day with near normality again.

The first port of call was a meat collection, a friend who manages to acquire meat for us for us at butchers quality, but wholesale prices. Its what we’ve come to know as Meat Club. I can’t buy supermarket sausages any more, they just aren’t the same! After the pickup Olivia was due for lunch, but after a very short morning nap, was too tired to eat, and so nap time came early, so early in fact, that she napped right through lunch. We were due to head out after lunch to another first birthday party, that of the twins from our antenatal group. All we could do was sit and wait until Olivia woke up from her much needed nap, as she is still needing more sleep and eating less than usual, still not quite her normal self. Eventually she was up and it was time to go, thankfully the journey was only a short one, so we’d kept her lunch that she hadn’t eaten due to being so tired and fed her at the party. It was a little crowded when we got there, as they had planned the same as us, garden party/bbq and everyone had to rush inside when it began to pour down with rain. August is such a tricky month to try and predict, and most of the weddings that I have photographed in the rain have been in August! Hopefully, with Olivia’s birthday being in September there is at least a slightly better chance that we may have a dry day, although with just two weeks to go, the long term weather forecast is not hugely encouraging! It was a lovely party with lots of little toddlers crawling around and some lovely food put on, and it wasn’t long after we got there before the sun came back out and dried everything out and it suddenly felt nice and warm again outside. The toddlers were soon on picnic blankets, covered in aprons, and tucking into chocolate cake! It was a whole lot of messy fun for them! While we were there, we handed out some of the photos that Clare had printed from the 1st birthday group meal at Pizza Express a few weeks ago, which went down very well. It was a very pleasant surprise for the other parents, although not all of them were there today. It still does feel great to be part of a group of like-minded people all still in contact with each other, watching not only our own babies grow up, but also all the other little ones grow and change too.

We got home and it was too late for Olivia to be taking another nap now, so we gave her dinner and got her ready for bed, and once she was down it was time for our dinner and a film together. I decided to take advantage of my Amazon Prime free trial and the Instant Video that is included since they took over Lovefilm. This was the second film I have watched since taking on the free trial and was instantly disappointed to receive an email informing me that they had charged me for the film. This never used to happen on lovefilm, what a let down! It doesn’t inspire me to take up the prime membership once the trial is over!! I think I’ll be making a complaint about that today!


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