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Friday was the wedding of my friend Ross and his beautiful fiancée Amy, and I was very grateful to have been asked to photograph it. The night before I had gone through the usual routine of making sure all my memory cards were clean and all my batteries were charged, as well as checking that all my kit was where I needed it to be. What I hadn’t expected after going to bed was to be replacing “sleep” with “being sick all night”. With the last thing I ate being the pizza loaded with meat, I can only put it down to that! I think I actually spent longer in the bathroom than I did in bed, and it was far from what I needed the night before a wedding! On the morning I was feeling as you’d expect, a little bit like a train had hit me, but with little choice, I had to battle on and so loaded up the car with my gear. The morning went well, with the preparations all being very relaxed, and everyone being fully understanding of my weak and feeble state today. With only a couple of showers here and there, the majority of the day was dry and pleasant and everything went without a hitch. I was given a meal and was very grateful for a bit of food by the time we all sat down to eat. I felt like the longest wedding day ever, but I still enjoyed it and had no intention of missing it, and eventually my time had come to head home. There wasn’t a huge amount of time between arriving home and being tucked up, and I was asleep almost straight away. I have never needed a good nights sleep quite like I did last night!

Often when I photograph a wedding I will include a photo of the bride, although this time I decided to feature a portrait of my friend Ross, the groom as I quite like how this portrait of him turned out.


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