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Back to the blogging after a spell of not feeling well!

Thursday was a fairly full day, and saw Olivia still not herself and barely touching breakfast, but we had arranged to head into town and meet Clare on her lunch at a pub so we could get some food together. I took a lunch for Olivia which she surprisingly devoured, a sign of improvement? It was lovely to spend an hour with the wife as a family, and I hope it cheered up the rest of her afternoon. I took a quick wander around town afterwards, but we were pushed for time as Olivia had her next “settling in” session at nursery. This was to be the second one she’d had, I stayed with her for the last one, but this would be the first one that I would leave her there on her own. It was actually easier than I thought, and it was only for 30 minutes anyway, I am not even sure she noticed me leave as there were so many distractions, and she really is a very nosey girl! I picked her up at the end and we walked home, where it should have been nap time, but the 10 minutes she napped for in the car meant she was nowhere near going to sleep, so I decided to take us shopping for garden stuff instead.

When Clare got home from work, I had about an hour before I was due to head out to meet a friend to talk business with them, and with neither of us feeling inspired by what was in the kitchen, or having the inclination to cook, we did a rare thing and ordered a mid week pizza in. Pizza hut had been sending out flyers and one of their offers sounded too good to miss. After being messed around on the phone by a trainee, we finally had our pizza rushed out to us, as I explained to them that I was running out of time due to their error, and they even took some money off the bill. I felt like we’d got a bargain!

I munched through half of this monster pizza and headed out to meet my friend and catch up with them, although by the end of the night I wasn’t feeling too clever! I was very glad to finally get home that evening! Worse was yet to come!


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