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Today would appear to be Day 2 of our little lady being all out of sorts. She is most definitely not herself again, which could posssibly be down to several things, but is most likely going to be because of teething. She has been really tired again, even after naps, putting up zero resistance to going down when it was actually nap time, she has been off her food as well, and has barely eaten all day as a result. The eating thing hasn’t especially concerned me though, firstly its very rare she’s like this, plus she has plenty of supplies to last her, she’s not exactly skin and bone and she’s generally a pretty good eater anyway, so when she is hungry again I’m pretty sure she’ll make up for it! The important thing is that she has been drinking, and when she hasn’t been all sleepy, she has actually been in a brilliant mood, and very lively!

I’d promised my mom that I would go over today and pick her up so she could get out of the house for a bit and see the work I’d been doing in our garden, combined with how nice the new fence made the garden look and at the same time, she could enjoy spending some time with Olivia. My younger sister also appeared along with her boyfriend for a few hours, and surprised us with this gift…
How cool is that?!

I hate to complain about the weather, especially on a blog, but it would certainly seem like August is broken today, it kinda forgot what season it was supposed to be and decided to give autumn a try, way before we were expecting it! Pretty much as soon as I dragged myself out of bed this morning and went downstairs to get Olivia her breakfast, and I was cold. I can’t lie, I even considered putting the heating on for a little while, but then realise IT WAS AUGUST, and refused! It didn’t improve much all morning either, so when Olivia went down for her first nap of the day, I was straight into a nice hot shower, which helped a little to warm my cold hands and feet. Once I was dressed, I thought “maybe its just the house that is cold and its actually warmer outside?” and so off I trotted to inspect the garden and water the greenhouse plants as I normally do, but no, it was just as cold. Consequently, while my mom and sister were over, we didn’t spend much time in the garden at all, which was a shame. It was lovely to have them over and Olivia was in her element with all the attention being focused on her, although the inevitable afternoon nap beckoned and she seemed especially tired again, and was asleep barely two minutes after being taken upstairs! After the family left, it was time for madams dinner, which to be honest, was a total waste of time. She couldn’t have been any less interested. So after some protesting we decided to go for a walk, and as Clare was due home, we went off to meet her at the bus stop. It had stopped raining, and wasn’t quite as cold by this point, so it was good to get outside and get some fresh air. Clare was very happy to see us and after we got home, a very tired little Olivia had lots of cuddles with us both, before skipping bathtime and had a very early night.

As Wednesday evening had rolled around again, I was off to visit my friends. It seems so normal now, to meet up with my friends on a weekly basis, which I love doing as so many of us these days don’t see our friends properly for weeks or even months at a time, some even longer than that! That word “busy” seems to allow us to get away without interacting with each other properly, or for not making much effort, apparently we’re all “busy” these days! In this world of social media, we kind of allow ourselves to maintain a low-level friendship by simply clicking “like” on someone’s facebook activity, or sending someone a happy birthday message once we get the reminder, but it is no replacement for actually being there and having your friends around you. Even friends we haven’t seen in 20 years since school, who we should be over the moon at being able to catch up with again, but yet we rarely even find the time (should that be ‘find the time’ or ‘make the effort’?) to send them a private message! This evening was a perfect example for me of how it should be, okay so the Wednesday night thing started many years ago with us hitting the cheap mid-week drinks offers in town when we were a bit younger, and now has turned into something a bit more civilised these days, and yes it can’t be denied that as we move towards 40 our lives have changed significantly, to the point where we can actually sit down together and enjoy the merits of looking after a good garden, and the finer points of bread making machines! Its the sort of common interests you don’t really get to talk about, or even find out about on facebook. Yes, I am quite happy to share photos of my daughter as she grows up, or a recent party I went to, or a holiday with all of my facebook friends, but there has to be a distinction between the online world and real life. I am guilty myself of perhaps spending a little too long online, although so many people will just waste the same amount of time in front of the tv literally letting their brains turn to mush, at least I am in some way interacting with people. Even so, my life recently has begun to change as I embrace my new business and start to reconnect with people properly again, and I look forward to every single meeting with them, being able to catch up on the past and look forward to the future! Life is great, and I don’t intend on wasting it!


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