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Its nice to start the day with a plan, knowing what you’re doing and when you need to be there. To me, it feels like such a waste when you have a day off and you sit around for half of it trying out work out what you’re going to do with whats going to be left of it by the time you get moving! I was going out today to meet a friend and knew I had an important parcel being delivered, although the delivery service gave me a text message update last night, which allowed me the option to reply and tell the driver to leave the parcel in the porch if I wasn’t there, which meant I could head on out without any worry of missing it, and having to go to some barren, poorly signposted, hard to find, far corner of an industrial estate to collect the parcel from some grumpy, discontented worker, which is usually the case. The parcel, as suspected was a recently ordered wedding album that I’d created for our friends, which had finally arrived, but will sadly have to wait a little while with us until the couple return from their holiday. I did have a quick quality check of it, as expected, to ensure there were no mistakes and it was ready for the couple to collect.

I had arranged to head out today, to meet my old school friend Richard, and his little daughter who is just a couple of months younger than Olivia. We started the day with the usual morning routine after Olivia was up, which was all fairly normal, with Olivia getting up at her regular time, having her breakfast, her bottle and her first nap, as she always does. She can sleep for quite a while in the morning, all very normal, but upon waking just before lunch was just plain grumpy today. Being this grumpy after just waking up from a 90 minute nap was quite unusual, so much so that I even tried to put her down for another nap before lunch, but with no success. I couldn’t seem to do anything to cheer her up, and so gave up as I was running out of time to get everything ready to get in the car. I was baffled, but can only put it down to teething, which does seem to generate some odd behaviour, and she hasn’t had any new teeth through for a few weeks now, so we will soon see! We made it out and got to the park just before Richard turned up with his daughter, and we decided to start with a nice slow amble around the park, taking in some of the sights, as it was another beautiful sunny day and the park is always so well kept, it puts my garden to shame! Once we had got round to the Tearoom we stopped off for a hot drink and a snack. Although, while it is still August, it has recently been starting to feel a lot more like autumn, especially overnight, but thankfully the sun had decided to come out today, and so we sat outside, and while it was a little cool in the shade, we found a nice seat in the sun. It wasn’t exactly tropical, and definitely didn’t feel like it was going to cause the little ones any harm if they didn’t have their factor 50 on, and so as I can’t turn down the chance to let a few rays hit my skin it seemed like a good place to stay for a while! It was around this time that the two little girls both seemed to be getting a bit grumpy, and once drinks were finished, off we set assuming a long slow walk meant they’d both soon end up asleep, which is often the case when nap time overlaps into pushchair time. One of them was soon in the land of nod, but sadly it wasn’t Olivia, she just started crying and crying, usually she will settle herself and go to sleep in the pushchair… although apparently not today. I had to eventually give in and pick up, as she’d clearly gone way, way beyond tired by this point and was getting too upset, clearly not going to settle herself, and needed to be rocked to sleep, which isn’t ideal, but eventually worked! We set off again to find somewhere to sit for a while, whilst Olivia slept in my arms, and just enjoyed a chance to sit and chat for a while, as these afternoon walks in the park will become less frequent once I’m back to work! I had originally been asked by Richard to take some photos of his little girl, but with a snotty cold being the feature of the day we decided to postpone it until next week. We eventually said goodbye and headed off home, although as it was still nice and Olivia was now awake, I pulled into a local park closer to home to give her a bit of time on the swings, which she loves. It wasn’t long before we were home, where my parcel was waiting for me in the porch, a beautiful new wedding album for our friends. It only seems like five minutes ago that they were getting married and an overdue, heavily pregnant Clare was bouncing around on the dance floor trying to encourage our little madam to get a move on. Clearly she took no notice and didn’t appear for another 10 days or so!

The evening was a bit of a disaster, as originally one of my sisters was supposed to be over for dinner, who I then had to put off after realising I’d double booked myself with a meeting with a friend. Ironically the friend postponed the meeting and I couldn’t get hold of my sister again! Ah well, what can you do?


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