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What’s not to love about a Sunday? A nice lie in, or as close as it gets when you have a toddler! We have a usual morning routine of getting Olivia up and bringing her in to our room for cuddles in bed with the two of us while we work up the motivation to get up and sort breakfast for madam. As I woke up today I could hear that familiar depressing sound of rain outside, but thankfully by the time we were finally up and about I looked out of the window again to see blue sky start to appear, and the sun casting itself across the garden, which was fantastic for me to see the perfect combination of growing conditions for all the plants and flowers I’ve recently put down. Rain followed by sunshine… those flowers are going to thrive, for sure! It must definitely be an age thing, I can’t lie, I’m definitely becoming far too proud of my efforts in the garden now and get far too excited when I know its going to rain after a long hot spell, especially as we’re on a water meter which doesn’t make watering the garden cheap, and I’m committed to being successful with my growing this year! Is this really what my weekends have become? Have me and the wife subconsciously adopted our stereotypically sexist roles of me in the garden and her in the kitchen? More importantly, will I actually be thanked for these gardening efforts when Olivia’s birthday finally rolls around and we have all the birthday guests outdoors in a beautiful looking garden, or will I just be told off for not doing enough around the house?

Just after lunch I had a text from my good friend Alan to remind me he was coming to visit, which I was very grateful for, as I had totally forgot he said he was going to visit. He arrived a short while later and we had a good catch up, geeked out a bit over some more expensive technology, and then I shared some information with him about the exciting business opportunity, which he’s gone away to think about. During this, the in-laws turned up to take Clare and Olivia up to see family for the afternoon, where I would be joining them after I have met another friend and his fiancĂ© to discuss their wedding on Friday and all their photography needs for the day. The venue is set to be a rather unusual place, the locally known wonder that is the Crooked House Inn. Its name and distinctive appearance are the result of 19th century mining subsidence. One side of the building is now approximately four feet lower than the other. The building’s leaning walls give rise to some optical illusions as with a gravity hill. These include glasses slowly sliding across ‘level’ tables and a marble appearing to roll uphill. It was lovely being sat outside in the sun this afternoon discussing the wedding, and we had a quick look around inside before I left, where the couple then got on to sitting down with the staff from the venue to discuss the other details of the day. I set my satnav for the new address that Clare had sent to my phone in a text message and headed over to see the family. I was only there for about 45 minutes, which was a shame, but we had to get little missy home, as she was so tired, and starting to get a little cranky! I’d managed to grab some food while I got the chance as some had been saved for me. It came as no surprise that once we set off for home, Olivia was soon asleep in the back of the car, looking as cute as ever on her front facing seat! With a quick stop for a bottle of red wine on the way home and it was soon up to bed for Olivia, she is such a good girl and has behaved so well today. We really are so lucky.


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