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These late posts are becoming a bit of a habit recently, but I’m now close to 2/3 of the way through the year, which is encouraging. The weekend was started with another run with my friend Eve who is training for her first ever half marathon, having only run a 10K race once before. On our training runs we have discussed the prospect of me signing up for my fifth half marathon, and I have considered it, but I am still put off after last years race and feeling as awful as I did halfway round it. I am still not sure what made me suffer so much on the day, as I had eaten reasonably sensibly and although the training was perhaps a little insufficient, I’d still done some! I have to bear in mind that these training runs have been no less than 6 miles and have been so easy for me, as well as the Tough Mudder I completed in July which didn’t present too much of a challenge to my stamina. I know I could probably run a great race, and I still may sign up yet, put I probably won’t chase people for charity donations much this year if I do it, as people don’t like to be harassed, and this isn’t exactly the first time I’ll have been begging for donations! Although I will make it known that, if I do run it, I’ll be open to donations, as the amount of good causes you see people running for on their vests and t-shirts is a little overwhelming! You don’t feel like you are running alone, or that no-one has noticed you, as there is so much team spirit and support from everyone, from the other runners to the massive amount of road side encouragement from all the people that line the streets to watch and shout encouragement. You really feel like you a part of something really big, something special. Some Birmingham residents have been known to complain at the road closures and inconvenience caused by it, and I can see how difficult it does make things, but at the end of the day, it makes an absolute fortune for a lot of very worthy charities, and some that I didn’t even know existed! Most of the roads are open again by late afternoon, and it is only once a year. So keep complaining people, just show everyone how little you care for those suffering or in need, while I feel genuinely content and satisfied that I have done what I can to make some money and be a part of such an amazing fund raising event!

I completed the mornings run with Eve and headed for a shower, as I had a friend coming round after lunch time to find out more about the new business. Clare decided to keep Olivia out of the way, and took her to visit nanny and grandad for a little while. We really are so lucky having them within walking distance, it makes life so much easier. After the meeting I stayed at home to get a few bits done, and then headed round to grab a cup of tea and walk back with Clare and Olivia. As it was dinner time, we got Olivia some cheese on toast, which she loves, especially as she can feed herself, and then I made a start on our dinner tonight, homemade chilli con carne with fresh home grown chillies from the garden! What beats getting all creative in the kitchen? Well it has to be getting all creative with some great music on the iPod, and I’d picked an old favourite from my college days, Pure Cult! Great to sing along to, and I felt 17 years old all over again!

The chilli was delicious, even if I do say so myself, I think I did a pretty good job, and with a nice balance of heat too, as I have to be very careful to make sure its not too hot for Clare. Well… I thought I had the heat right anyway, to me it seemed a little tame, so I thought it was okay. I didn’t mind that it was a bit tame as it tasted good, but apparently Clare was feeling the heat a bit too much, and as she was feeling a little fragile anyway, sadly my efforts were perhaps not as appreciated as they could have been. A bit disappointing, as I don’t like to let the wife down, especially when it comes to cooking a nice dinner, but at least she had some chocolate to look forward to afterwards to compensate! We did manage to sit down and watch a film together as well, which we haven’t done for a little while as I now have a 30 day trial of the Amazon Instant video, what used to be lovefilm, and Clare even managed to stay awake for it, a rare treat! I’d arranged to pop out to the pub with Dave for a few late beers after the film finished, and it came as no huge surprise, knowing Dave for as long as I have, that he was yet again late. Not a bad thing on this particular evening, as our film finished a bit later than I’d imagined anyway. It was good to get out though, as I don’t get to spend many evenings in the pub, even though both Dave and the pub are less than five minutes walk away!


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