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The end of the week and the weekend is finally here. Not quite so relevant at the moment as I have been off work on holiday for a number of weeks now, but its good to know that the wife has a couple of days at home with both me and Olivia, which is fantastic. Time together as a family is what its all about for me, and if anyone wanted to vote for a three day weekend, I’d be the first to put my name down!

So what to do with a toddler on a Friday? I knew the day could be a bit of a challenge when Olivia went back down for her morning nap and woke up way too early. She was grumpy straight away, and by the time I’d brushed her teeth (all 6 of them) and dressed her, I knew she’d be be going straight back to bed. Eventually she went back off and after a short nap and lunch I received a perfectly timed text from one of the antenatal moms who was also off work today asking if Olivia would like a play date with her little girl, and so with nothing planned for the afternoon, it wasn’t long before we were in the car and on our way! Olivia and Amber are two very pretty little girls with only a couple of weeks between them, and it is lovely watching them learn to play together and grow up together, and thinking about them being friends in the future. We’ve already seen the first year flash by, and some real characters have started to develop! Amber has a sand and water table in the garden, which the two of them enjoyed playing with, and it was a lovely way to spend an afternoon. Before we’d gone out, I had left our old mattress on the drive as I’d originally called the council to remove it, but they put me through to a charity who take them away for free, and obviously put them to good use as long as they are clean and in good condition. They gave me a three hour window in which they said they’d turn up, but also said as long as I left it outside and it didn’t rain, they’d still collect it even if I wasn’t in. So I was obviously a little frustrated to say the least when I came home to find it was still there! I’d rather have paid the small fee and had the council take it away, than have it sat around getting in the way. Still, if someone is hard up and in need of it, I won’t be put off, apparently there are other charities out there who are after this kind of thing!

Friday night I’d been looking forward to as we were having friends round for a take away. They are lucky to have parents who visit every Friday evening to see their grandson and are always happy to stay and baby sit for a few hours, which made arrangements very simple for us. Nothing beats a Friday evening in with good company, food that you haven’t had to cook, and a few drinks! With them living so close, I just don’t know why we don’t do this more often!

As for todays photo, I took this just before our evening guests arrived… and any one who has been following this blog for any length of time may remember that I took an identical photo last year, on the same tree. It was obviously the first sign that autumn is around the corner, and I just can’t believe that a) it has been a year already and b) the leaves are starting to turn so soon as its only August and it seems like five minutes since this tree was covered in blossom! Have we really seen the back of summer already? I am still hoping that September will bring us a bit of sunshine, and ripen all the tomatoes and pumpkins we have growing!


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