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So my original plan of getting out and doing something nice today didn’t go very as I’d hoped. I’d thought about catching up with a friend, but after an unanswered phone call to them, followed up by a text that got no response, I had to assume they were busy and that I’d need to make other plans. I know I left it all a bit last minute and can’t always rely on people answering their phone on the first ring, but the waiting for a reply (as I was confident they’d get back to me) meant I wasted a good chunk of the afternoon where Olivia is actually awake! I’d already spoken to the wife about dropping Olivia with her nan, so that she could also see her cousins today while she was being looked after, and after a quick call I talk a walk round to the in-laws house. Its a good job they do only live literally round the corner as the blue sky suddenly turned black and the heavens opened upon us. It wasn’t just raining, it was literally pouring! We were only yards away from the in-laws house, so my pace quickened and we were soon inside! When the rain stopped, I left Olivia there for a bit and headed home to try and get a few bits done. It was time for a little more gardening, as I’d already done some that morning, but had to make sure our green garden waste bin was at least full before they came to empty it in the morning! Its only collected every other week, so I don’t like to waste the opportunity, as we have a lot to get rid of. The three flower beds in the back garden are really starting to take shape now, my hard work and commitment is starting to pay off, so it is time to turn to the top of the garden and begin the process of clearing it so that we can get some decking put down and eventually, once we’ve got an outdoor table & chairs, be able to take advantage of the afternoon sun! Oh yes, it sounds good already! The sun, a beer, some flip flops (its all about the flip flops!) and a good read. I’d love to think that September holds some even better weather for us, as we always expect it in August, which is typically a wet month, and so often don’t the sunshine we’d been hoping and waiting for..


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