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As amazing as it is being off with my daughter, and being able to look after her, the days can start to feel a little like groundhog day sometimes! Frustratingly, even though she is the most amazing baby we could have wished for, her naps can tend to dominate the day a little, especially if she’s having one of her epic 2hrs+ snoozes in the morning. She does sleep in a pretty regular routine, we’re really lucky there, but not knowing exactly when she will want to go to sleep for, or how long she will sleep for when she finally nods off can be tricky. You tend to avoid starting things in case you don’t get to finish them, or going too far in case she gets grumpy. One thing I did manage to get started this morning was a spot of gardening, I had a passion fruit plant that was still in its pot and needed planting, but as always seems to be the case, there was some preparation work to do first, as the soil seems to be riddled with big, thick roots that seem to want to take over the entire garden and that have already caused me to dig up some of the plants that I have already put down, just to get rid of them! Still, with my commitment to getting the garden ready for Olivia’s birthday, which is now just about three weeks away, I had to try to get as many plants and flowers down as I could. I am already starting to see some rewards though, as the pumpkin and butternut squash plants are starting to fruit, and the tomatoes are coming on an absolute treat, I am going to have so many of those. Fresh plum tomatoes with fresh basil is going to make the tastiest soup ever, I can’t wait!

When I’d finished in the garden, and Olivia was awake again and dressed, I decided to try out my new photographic backdrop, intended for babies and newborns, and as I had the perfect model, I dropped madam right in the middle of it! I decided to try a shot with natural light first, which happens to be todays photo, to see how it would look, partly because I didn’t want to mess around with lights, but also because I wanted to see the effect. I think its come out quite well, but I am not keen on the shadows, so I will have to try another shot soon with some lights set up. In the last few weeks Olivia has become more and more active, she is no longer a fan of just sitting still and playing with what is in front of her, and she also doesn’t really care for sitting still once you’ve picked her up! We’ve seen some movement where we have lay her on her stomach to encourage crawling, and she has started shuffling backwards, she has also started the bum shuffling thing, where we sit her down in one spot, and when we check on her two minutes later, she is on the other side of the room! She absolutely loves being on her feet and can pull herself to standing if you just offer her two fingers to grab onto, which quickly turns into a walk if you then start moving backwards once she is standing. In the last few days I have been letting go of her hands very briefly and she has stood unsupported for maybe a second or so, but clearly doesn’t like it yet, and so is promptly rescued before face planting the floor! Movement has now started, as has a new chapter in our lives. The first big change was the arrival of a baby, the second is the baby becoming mobile… everything changes all over again!

After lunch and another snooze, we had a visit from one of my sisters who was so impressed by the aloe vera drinking gel, that she came back to pick up another bottle of it. If there is one thing that is better than starting an exciting new business venture, then its being able to genuinely help people feel better and healthier, and see their ailments start to fade away. I am also really excited about being able to help my friends build a better future for themselves, whilst doing the same for me and my family! The future is looking bright…


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