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“We buy her toys but she wants my iPhone!”


You know what, I am going to be so gutted when I have to go back to work and can’t spend the day with my daughter, it really is a privilege and an honour! She is such an awesome little girl! One thing can be said though, that girl loves her naps! After her morning nap, we did manage to get out to do a bit of shopping for the garden, where I bought a couple of plants and some seed trays ready for next years growing season. I have made the decision, based on the struggles we’ve had this year, to actually make a written plan of all that we’re going to grow and exactly when we should be planting it. Everything will be started in seed trays and will be kept indoors until the worst of the winter is over. Previously we’ve waited until all chances of frost have passed before attempting anything at all, and it just pushes the whole growing season back, and where we should be tending to weeds and just maintaining things, we’re actually working to plant stuff, dig up soil and create new plots. We really noticed it this year, as the rain showers combined with the very warm weather has been a complete catalyst for weeds, which have gone crazy! Still, we’re learning, and next year will be better!

The afternoon was a mix of madam having the fidgets every time she was picked up, and then more nap time for her, before Clare was finally home to take over while I got some dinner ready. I’d promised my friend Dave that I’d help him on the allotment this evening as well, even though he was a bit concerned the rain had made the ground too soggy, but we carried on regardless and it was fine! I don’t get enough time on the allotment as it is, so I couldn’t afford to be put off by a bit of rain! We worked on it until the light was gone and we couldn’t see any more. There is a sense of satisfaction from getting your hands dirty and growing your own, even though I’d already spent a part of the afternoon while Olivia snoozed trying to get our own garden looking good by planting more flowers! We’re still following the plan, and its working. That garden WILL look nice for Olivia’s birthday!


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