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I love Sundays, but I love Sundays even more when I don’t have work the following morning! Last night was good fun, although I did seem to get quite drunk quite quickly! I couldn’t keep my eyes open by midnight, and after pretty much falling asleep standing up, I threw in the towel and took a taxi home! It was a big disappointment, especially as I had been waiting for such a long time for it. Still, it was good to catch up with everyone and get out for a few hours! The plus side is that I actually got a decent nights sleep as I had got myself to bed before 1am, so I didn’t feel like death in the morning!

As it happened, Clare got up to give Olivia breakfast and let me snooze for a bit longer anyway, which I was very grateful for. Olivia always has a morning snooze after being up for a few hours, and is usually ready for this nap by 9:30am, and as soon as she went back down, Clare came back to bed too. The whole family was having a lazy Sunday morning lie in! It felt good! The rain was lashing down outside as the country was feeling the effects of the remnants from the tropical hurricane Bertha that had finally reached us, although the Midlands was largely unaffected by it compared to some parts of the country that had seen flash flooding and the likes! I lay in bed happily thinking of how I wasn’t going to have to water the garden today after such a warm, dry spell had kept a watering can in my hand every evening. My pumpkins and tomatoes were finally getting a real good soaking! How middle aged have I become?!

We finally all got up just before midday and started to think about lunch, as I’d completely missed breakfast altogether! Thankfully Clare took charge of things in the kitchen today as I was feeling sluggish, not helped by the fact that I forgot to take my morning shot of Aloe to perk me up! I had noticed that although the sun had come up, the wind had also picked up and my poor sunflowers were being battered. With nothing to support them, I had to visit my friend Dave and borrow some canes from the allotment. While I was there I also picked up a couple of carrots, they’re a bit misshapen, but I’m still quite pleased with them!

Todays photo came when Clare noticed a wasp on the window. I don’t know how it got in unnoticed, but I captured it with a glass and noticed how dopey it was. Clearly on its last legs, and as it wasn’t moving about much, it gave me an opportunity to photograph it, although none of the photos came out very well, I just couldn’t seem to get them sharp! A bit disappointing, this was the best one of the lot!


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