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Patience. That’s what was needed today, plenty of patience. Todays thumb sucking photo was taken not long after Clare had left for work and Olivia had eaten her breakfast. She’d only been up around two hours by this point and was ready for her morning nap already. The morning nap lasted around two and a half hours and she didn’t wake up until gone midday. Okay, that was fine, I wanted to go out today, but I know the morning nap is the big one and rarely plan much for before lunchtime anyway. I had also received an email this morning informing me that numerous items I had ordered from Amazon were all being delivered today, so I was in no real hurry to get out until they’d arrived, although I had a sneaky feeling they were going to be delivered last thing and I’d be waiting all day. Olivia’s lunch was ready and waiting for when she woke up, but it was still far from a speedy affair. Not to worry, there was still no sign of my Amazon delivery, so we were still not worried about rushing things. Although, after only being up for a couple of hours, I was a little surprised to see Olivia so tired again before it was even 3pm, still, if the girl wants sleep, she gets sleep! So down she went again, and there was still no sign of the delivery at this point, so I wasn’t in a hurry to get out. It was over and hour and a half later before Olivia woke up from her afternoon nap, this girl really likes to sleep! If this wasn’t her usual behaviour then I’d be a little concerned about how long she sleeps during the day, but she has always slept a lot, right from day one! One thing she has started doing this week is drinking from a regular glass, rather than her little plastic cup with a lid and spout. Obviously we don’t really want her using a glass, in case she bites down on it or tries to throw it, but this is a new thing and we have to get Olivia her own plastic cup this week so that hopefully she can move onto holding it herself in the future! It is interesting that she has drunk far more than if she had been using her beaker and spout, although she’d already got used to drinking from that on her own. The transition to holding her own cup could be quite a wet and messy one.

Finally Olivia woke up from her afternoon nap at gone 4pm and was ready to play, we were only an hour away from giving Olivia her dinner, so that had pretty much ruled out going out anywhere at this point. Although, at long last my Amazon order arrived just a few minutes before 5pm, and to think I’d only been waiting since 9am for it! Never mind, its Saturday tomorrow, and we’ve already decided to visit the opening of a new local toy store in the morning, followed by a trip to the Kiddicare store at Merry Hill that is closing down already after only being open just over a year or so. I am sure there won’t be much left, but I am curious to have a look anyway.


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