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“If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!”


Firstly I’d like to take a moment to explain todays photo, around 12 or 13 months ago we were preparing for the arrival of our baby, still completely unaware as to whether we were having a little boy or little girl, although our money was on it being a boy! The mother-in-law had been getting quite over excited and had been stocking up on supplies for us, including a whole bunch of baby vests and as we got closer to the expected due date, these were all washed and hung out on the line, a whole bunch of tiny little outfits all in a row. It was quite an exciting and emotional sight. As Clare left for work today, she reminded me that there was washing to be done, and it may be worth putting the machine on. On hanging the washing out once it was washed, I looked at all these little outfits hanging on the line and realised that they weren’t so little any more, our little lady is no longer a baby and is growing up fast. I can’t lie, with Clare being off work for so long on maternity leave, I haven’t really used the washing machine much since Olivia has been born, but now she is back at work I have little excuse and need to reacquaint myself with it, as there is no denying it is a joint responsibility, especially while I am off work at the moment! It still seems a little strange to be washing all these small little dresses though, rather than just the usual his and hers load that we were used to dumping in the machine.

The morning routine followed its usual pattern, Olivia was up for breakfast, soon followed by a bottle of milk, and was then back up to bed a couple of hours after getting up, for her morning snooze, which generally lasts up to a couple of hours, but today turned out to be just the one hour. It didn’t make a huge difference though, but it did make we aware that she could get a little unpredictable in the afternoon. Just after lunch I took a drive out to the company head office in warwick to pick up some supplies that a few friends had ordered, and Olivia thankfully soon fell asleep in the car which was a relief. My sister had text me the previous evening about visiting her new flat, although I didn’t think I was going to have the time with my plans for the day, but as soon as I realised I would have time, she had already planned to go to our mothers house, so I decided to meet her there, where her and my mom could both see Olivia.

I took Olivia home at a sensible time to try and avoid any traffic issues, and also so I could have a quick tidy up of the house before our evening guests turned up to talk weddings. It was an old work colleague of mine who it also turns out had been to school with Clare, what a small world we live in! They had only stopped off for coffee originally, but we seemed to be chatting for ages, and in the end its just a shame that they couldn’t stay any longer. I can’t wait to photograph their wedding next year, its going to be amazing!


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