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This mornings photo comes courtesy of my curious and inquisitive daughter, who literally seems to find pretty much anything and everything you don’t actually want her to have, and then kicks up a stink if she can’t have it. Favourites so far include the Sky TV remote, and my iPhone. On the Sky remote, she is blissfully unaware of changing the channels and repeatedly turning the Sky box on and off, not really a huge concern when I am watching an episode of Peppa Pig that I have seen so many times I know the script to it! Sadly with my iPhone its a bit of a different story, as Olivia has discovered the joys of Siri and how to access it, although still not entirely sure what to do with it once she has activated it. She has managed to open my phone though and actually delete one of my apps in there, its a good job I spotted it, or that could have been missing for months! I know, I know, if I was actually using the app I’d notice it sooner so clearly I don’t need it, yes I hear you, but the fact is, I put it there for a reason and I don’t need a toddler deciding what stays on my phone. I have another 17 years of her trying to think she’s the boss and daddy is a pushover thank you very much!

Shortly after lunch I had a meeting planned with an old work colleague, who was getting married to a girl that I also used to work with. Both of them had left many years ago, so it was good to see them again. I didn’t really fancy taking Olivia into town for a wedding photography meeting, as she can be a little unpredictable at the moment. So I dumped her on my mom for an hour, having taken lunch over and prepared it for her, all my mom had to do was then feed her, which left me just enough time to jump in the car and shoot into town to meet my friends! We met in the new library, which still offends some people, but I actually like. I figured it was be quieter in there to talk weddings and when I turned up, they have even got a cup of tea waiting for me! We chit chatted about things for a while, catching up on previous events in years gone by, before getting down to brass tacks and the subject of their fast approaching wedding. The meeting was reasonably brief as they pretty much had everything arranged, and had an answer for all of my questions. So we have about 8 months to their wedding date, which means I will be meeting up with them again about a month before the big day to discuss any final details and any “who”, “what” and “where’s” that need addressing.

I got back to my moms house to pick up Olivia, keen to find out how she had got on as she was a little bit whingy yesterday around this time, but thankfully Olivia had been fine, apart from a bit of yawning and some eye rubbing. She must have been more tired than I realised, as the poor little thing was asleep after five minutes of being in the car, and slept all the way home! A text message from the mother-in-law just before I left my moms, was asking for Olivia for a couple of hours, which was fine, although I’m pretty sure they just wanted Olivia cuddles rather making out it was actually for my benefit, so that I could get things done! But still, it was nice, although a bit strange, to actually have a couple of hours off, child-free and be able to do what ever I wanted to do. My main priority today was getting on the computer and ordering some photographic supplies, a couple of orders that had been waiting around a while to be sent off. Nanny turned up with Olivia as I was getting her dinner ready, followed shortly by Clare arriving home, and so it was finally time to sit down and eat.

That evening I headed out to visit my friends Scott and Trevor, to discuss the weekends drinking plans. A night out with the lads has become well overdue, I just hope I can still function again the following morning, as I approach 40 years old (still a little way off yet!), the hangovers seem to take long and longer to disappear! Sad, but true!! I just ain’t 21 any more, thats for sure!

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