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Have we got to a point already where we take the internet for granted? Did we forget what life was like before it. I know for me, it has had some pretty life changing consequences, in terms of meeting new people and reconnecting with old friends, on top of which, like most people virtually everything I do is online now. Today I was catching up with an old school friend, a guy I have known for approaching 30 years now. Like a lot of people, we lost touch for a while after leaving school, in those pre-mobile phone, pre-internet days where keeping in touch with people required you to ring their house phone and risk having to speak to their parents first, or even actually walk round to their house, and that was if they didn’t change their number or move house! Fortunately, and with the added bonus of facebook, I was able to reconncect with faces I hadn’t seen in years, my good friend Richard being one of them. Like myself, he’d waited until his mid 30s to get married and until his late 30s to have his daughter. We have much in common, and it was lovely to catch up for a walk around cannon hill park today with our daughters. As all parents will sympathise, he was running slightly late due to unforeseen circumstances, which was fine, it meant I could first stop at the nearby Aldi and have a nose around. I didn’t even get inside the store before I spotted so outdoor garden plants at reasonable prices by the front entrance, and so I grabbed a couple, paid for them and then jumped in the car to head round the corner to find a parking space at cannon hill park! Richard wasn’t far behind, and so we set off, taking in all the lovely sights of the park that people often miss, the beautiful flower beds and archways. We stopped off at the tea rooms and grabbed a hot drink and a biscuit, where I was really impressed at the price! Most companies are trying to fleece every last penny our of you, and you come to expect the prices to be astronomical in a venue like this, especially where there was little competition, but they weren’t, the prices were surprisingly low, so I’ll always support a local business who is playing fairly, and I’ll definitely be taking the wife back there soon! Starbucks, you could learn a thing or two from this place! Me and Richard had pocket change between us as we’d both forgot to go to a cashpoint, but we still got a drink each and biscuits between us!

After we said our goodbyes and both set off for home, madam managed to nod off in the car, as she was exhausted. She woke up when I got her out of the car, and I took her straight upstairs to bed for a nap, although it took her a while to drift back off. It has been a lovely day, and this mornings rain didn’t put us off, it soon cleared up and left us to enjoy just a small amount of sunshine and blue sky!


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    1. Well thank you very much, it’s very kind of you to say so. Some days it is a bit of a stretch to find something interesting, but I force myself to keep looking! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment!


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